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Hammond School
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Hammond School is located in South Carolina
Hammond School
Hammond School
Coordinates33°57′49″N 80°57′58″W / 33.963704°N 80.96617°W / 33.963704; -80.96617Coordinates: 33°57′49″N 80°57′58″W / 33.963704°N 80.96617°W / 33.963704; -80.96617
TypeIndependent, Day School
HeadmasterChristopher B. Angel[1]
GradesPre-K through grade 12
Red, Royal blue
Endowment$1.93 million[3]

Hammond School, originally James H. Hammond Academy, is a pre-K through 12 college preparatory day school in Columbia, South Carolina, founded in 1966. The school has a controversial history as a segregation academy,[4][5] but is now better known for its athletic and academic accomplishments.[6]


We're far better off without Negroes.

—Hammond school administrator in 1976 [4][6][7]

The Hammond School campus in 1966. Like many segregation academies, the school flew the Confederate flag.[4][8]

The school was founded in 1966 as a segregation academy in response to the court ordered racial integration of public schools.[9][10] According to Tom Turnipseed, the first executive director of the South Carolina Independent School Association, James H Hammond's "name was chosen because his grandson contributed significant money to the school's founding, and Confederate big-wigs were favored as names for white-flight private schools started as part of the backlash to impending racial desegregation of public schools."[5]

The school's enrollment surged in 1968 when details of the public school desegregation busing plan were released.[11] One parent told that Los Angeles Times that she enrolled her children at Hammond Academy because "integration had turned the public schools upside down"[12]

In 1972, Hammond Academy's tax exemption was revoked by the IRS when it refused to document that it had a racially nondiscriminatory admissions policy.[13] In 1976, a school administrator told John Egerton the school did not want the tax exemption because the school was "better off without negroes".[4] The administrator further opined that "segregation is coming back to this country" because it is a "more natural condition."[4]

In the 1980s, under headmaster Nick Hagerman, Hammond Academy moved away from its segregationist roots.[6] The school stopped flying the confederate flag in 1984 and was attempting to recruit minority students with scholarships.[4] By 1988, the Hammond School had regained its tax exempt status.[14]

In 1989, the board of trustees voted to change the school's name to Hammond School.[6] According to Turnipseed, the name was changed in order to "moderate the shameful sensuality and radical racism of its namesake."[15]


For the 2015–2016 school year, the Hammond School's student body was 82.2% white, 9.2% black and 4.5% Asian, with 3.3% of students being of two or more races.[2] In contrast, in the city of Columbia, 40.3% of children under 18 were white, 52.6% were black, and 1.4% were Asian, with 2.9% being of two or more races.[16]


In 2018, the school won the SCISA class 3A football championship.[17] As of 2018, the Hammond School has won 16 football championships,[17] including 6 consecutive championships from 2006 to 2012.[18]

The Skyhawks won the boys basketball SCISA class 3A championship in 2015.[19]

The Skyhawks won the girls' basketball SCISA class 3A championship in 2018, the 11th title but the first since 1993, the last of four consecutive championships.[20]


The Hammond School is located in the Woodland Estates neighborhood in eastern Columbia, SC.[21] The campus is 219 acres (89 ha), including a 112 acres (45 ha) farm.[22] The farm has hosted equestrian competitions.[23]

In 2017, the city of Columbia approved a plan to add 26,000 square feet (2,400 m2) of buildings to the campus, including an enlarged gym and new classroom building.[24]

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