Hammouda Pacha Mosque

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Hammouda Pasha Mosque

Hammouda Pacha Mosque or Hamouda Pacha al Mouradi is a mosque in Tunis, Tunisia. It is an official historical monument.


This mosque is located in the Medina area of the city, in the Sidi Ben Arous street.


Built in 1655 by Hammouda Pacha, it is the second mosque to be built by the Hanafi rite in Tunis.[1]


View from the inside of the mosque

The Hammouda Pacha mosque is known for its Turkish architecture. It has an octagon minaret and the hall of prayer is rectangular.


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Coordinates: 36°47′54″N 10°10′15″E / 36.79833°N 10.17083°E / 36.79833; 10.17083