Hamo Hethe

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Hamo Hethe
Bishop of Rochester
Enfeu Hamo de Hythe.jpg
Elected18 March 1317
Term endedearly 1352
PredecessorThomas Wouldham
SuccessorJohn Sheppey
Consecration26 August 1319
Personal details
Died4 May 1352

Hamo Hethe was a medieval Bishop of Rochester, England. He was born in c. 1275 in Centuries, Hythe. He was elected on 18 March 1317 and consecrated on 26 August 1319. He resigned the see in early 1352 before his death on 4 May 1352.[1]

Hethe, along with Archbishop Melton, Thomas Cobham and Stephen de Gravesend, alone spoke up in Edward II's defence during the Parliamentary session that deposed Edward.[2]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Thomas Wouldham
Bishop of Rochester
Succeeded by
John Sheppey