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Alton Library, Alton, Hampshire
by Hampshire County Architects (2005)

Hampshire County Architects is the old name for Hampshire County Council Architecture, the in-house architecture and design department of HCC Property Services in Hampshire, UK. Over the years the multi-disciplinary team has developed a particular reputation for good school design and is also notable as the only sizeable public-sector county architecture studio remaining, following many years in the UK of outsourcing to the private sector. In 1991 County Architect Colin Stansfield Smith won a RIBA Gold Medal award.[1]


The team built its reputation in the 1980s under the leadership of Colin Stansfield Smith who arrived in 1974 and was county architect until 1992.[2] As a result of his work at Hampshire County Council, was awarded the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Gold Medal in 1991.[1] and was knighted in 1993.

In 2005 the department employed 57 architects.[3] In 2013 the department employs over 270 architects, landscape architects, building surveyors, engineers (structural, electrical and mechanical), estates surveyors and interior designers.[citation needed]

Types of project work includes; education and schools; early years and children's centres; older person's homes and extra care; heritage and community buildings;office rationalisation and flexible working and co-location of public services

Key building projects[edit]

  • Queens Inclosure Middle School, Waterlooville, Hampshire. RIBA Award National overall winner, 1990.[4]
  • Woodlea Primary School, Bordon, Hampshire. RIBA Award National overall winner, 1993.[4]
  • Pilgrims Pre-Preparatory School, Bedford. RIBA Award winner, 2001.[5]
  • Alton Library, Hampshire. Completed 2005. RIBA Award (South), 2005.[6] Described by Jonathan Glancey as "a fine, enexpected design" and "like a handsome modern barn".[3]
  • Winchester Discovery Centre, Winchester, Hampshire. Completed 2007. Multiple accolades including RIBA Award 2008.[7]
  • Wellstead Primary School, Southampton, Hampshire. Completed 2008. Multiple accolades including CIAT Technical Excellence Award 2009 and RIBA Award 2010.[8]
  • Forest Park Special School, Southampton, Hampshire. Completed 2012. Multiple accolades including RIBA Downland Regional Award 2012,[9] SCALA Civic Building of the Year 2012 - Runner up. Solent Design Award - Overall winner[10]
  • Endeavour Primary School, Andover, Hampshire. Completed 2012. RIBA Downland Award 2012.[11]
  • Havant Public Sector Plaza, Havant, Hampshire. Completed 2012. SCALA Civic Building of the Year 2012, Highly commended.
  • Runways End, Aldershot, Hampshire. ICE South East England Engineering Excellence Awards 2012 - Community Award.


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