Hampton School (Jamaica)

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Hampton School

Malvern, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Hampton School is located in Jamaica
Hampton School
Hampton School
Coordinates 17°57′41″N 77°41′31″W / 17.96136°N 77.69207°W / 17.96136; -77.69207Coordinates: 17°57′41″N 77°41′31″W / 17.96136°N 77.69207°W / 17.96136; -77.69207
Motto Suma virtute et humanitate
(With utmost courage and courtesy)
Founded 1858
Status Open
School number 1-876-966-5161/3
Head of school Heather Murray
Gender Female
Language English, Jamaican English
School colour(s) Blue, White

Hampton School, also known as Hampton school for girls is an all-girls boarding school located in Malvern, Jamaica. It was founded in 1858 with the funds received from the will of plantation owners Caleb Dickenson and Hugh Munro.

School bio[edit]

The uniform consists of a light blue apron with a white blouse beneath it. The sixth form uniform consists of a royal blue skirt and a white blouse along with a navy blue tie.

There have been noteworthy improvements to the physical structure in the past few years. A modern residential block has been constructed, at a convenient distance from the original historic buildings. Officially, the new dorm is the Donna Parchment Boarding Complex, named for the present chairman of the school board.

Heather Murray has been Headmistress of Hampton from 2004 to the present.

Related schools[edit]

The founders of the school also gave the money to form a boys school created two years before Hampton. This all-boys school is best known as Munro College and is the only all-boys boarding school left in the country of Jamaica. Their motto is "In arce sitam quis occultabit- A city upon a hill cannot be hid", This is in Latin exactly like Hampton's own "Suma virtute et humanitate- With utmost courage and courtesy" These schools are brother and sister schools and have always been involved in each other's activities. Their six form programs were similar as well where each school would send over some sixth formers to their brother/ sister school, however since September 2010 Munro no longer accepts Hampton 6th formers because there are more Hamptonians opting for the Sciences than Munro can accommodate. However, up to 2011 Hampton still accepts Munronians interested in pursuing careers in Business and Humanities (including Law).

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