Hamra, Beirut

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Hamra (الحمرا in Arabic) is a neighborhood (sector 34) located in Beirut (quarter Ras Beirut), Lebanon. The center of the neighborhood, Hamra Street, is one of Beirut's major commercial districts, and is filled with Lebanon's top fashion stores, as well as many restaurants, cafes, and hotels. There is are also a sizable number of bars and pubs, providing the area with a lively nightlife.

The American University of Beirut and Lebanese American University are notably located in the neighborhood.

The Hamra Street used to be one of the main places where Arab poets, writers, thinkers, and philosophers used to meet and gather. many ruins of the Lebanese Civil War remains obvious on the buildings and the walls. In addition, a Graffiti of the famous Sabbah is painted on the entrance of Hamra.

Coordinates: 33°54′N 35°29′E / 33.900°N 35.483°E / 33.900; 35.483