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Hamster style is a method used by turntablists whereby the configuration of the crossfader is reversed, so that the right turntable is on the left end of the crossfader and vice versa.


DJ Quest coined the term “Hamster Style”, which refers to the reverse set up. When Quest bought his first mixer, a Pyramid 4700, he accidentally hooked up the turntables in reverse and learned to DJ this way.

While performing on the popular local hip hop show Home Turf in 1992 he demonstrated his skills. When DJ Kevy Kev attempted to use Quest's set up and could not understand it, Quest blurted out that it was "Hamster Style". This is the actual origin of the term and the switch that is included in almost every scratch mixer sold today. The modifications have been made on board by the manufacturers of DJ mixers (particularly Vestax) and many mixers today have hamster switches built in. Today the term remains popular and is recognized by DJs worldwide, and ultimately led to companies like Rane and Vestax including him in their DJ roster and list of endorsees. This technique was named after the Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters since Quest was a member of this group.


Many DJs find it more comfortable to scratch hamster style, since to do many moves, it is easier to bounce the fader off of the side of the fader slot using the index and middle fingers rather than their thumbs.