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National costume of Haná
Example of vernacular architecture of Haná
Haná vernacular architecture in Příkazy
Olomoucké tvarůžky, a traditional Haná cheese

Haná or Hanakia (Czech: Haná or Hanácko, German: Hanna or Hanakei) is an ethnographic region in central Moravia in the Czech Republic. Its core area is located along the eponymous river of Haná, around the towns of Vyškov and Prostějov, but in common perception it roughly corresponds to the whole Upper Morava Vale, with Olomouc as its natural centre. In terms of the actual administrative division, Hanakia covers the most of Olomouc Region and adjacent parts of South Moravian Region and Zlín Region.

The so-called Malá Haná ("Lesser Hanakia") is located in the Boskovice Furrow (Boskovická brázda), west of Hanakia proper.

Haná is known for its agricultural fertility, rich costumes, and traditional customs. The Haná dialect (Hanakian dialect, Czech: hanáčtina) is spoken in the region, and is part of the Central Moravian dialect group (which is even often referred to as the "Hanakian dialects"). This traditional dialect has been preserved and continues to be used even in printed publications from the region. Folk music from Haná is recognized locally by its lyrics in the Haná dialect.


In the 18th and 19th century, the term "Hanack" (Hanák, French: Hanaque),[1] was used for a Slavic people, peasants, in Moravia.[2] Today, the Czech term Hanáci is used for an ethnographic group inhabiting the Haná region.

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