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National costume of Hanakia
Example of vernacular architecture of Hanakia
Hanakian vernacular architecture in Příkazy
Olomoucké tvarůžky, a traditional Hanakian cheese

Hanakia (Czech: Haná or Hanácko, German: Hanna or Hanakei) is an ethnic region in central Moravia in the Czech Republic. Its main parts are located in the lowlands of the Morava and Haná Rivers. It is roughly encircled by the cities of Zábřeh, Holešov, Vyškov and Uničov. Hanakia is primarily known for its agricultural productivity, costumes, and traditional customs. The Hanakian dialect (Czech: hanáčtina) is spoken in the region, and is part of the Central Moravian dialect group. This traditional dialect has been preserved and continues to be used even in printed publications from the region. Folk music from Hanakia is recognized locally by its lyrics in the Hanakian dialect.

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