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Prime Minister of Joseon Dynasty
Hangul 한명회
Hanja 韓明澮
Revised Romanization Han Myeonghoe
McCune–Reischauer Han Myŏnghoe
Pen name
Hangul 압구정 or 압구 or 사우당
Hanja 狎鷗亭 or 狎鷗 or 四友堂
Revised Romanization Apgujeong or Apgu or Saudang
McCune–Reischauer Apkujŏng or Apku or Saudang
Courtesy name
Hangul 자준
Hanja 子濬
Revised Romanization Jajun
McCune–Reischauer Chajun
Posthumous name
Hangul 충성
Hanja 忠成
Revised Romanization Chungseong
McCune–Reischauer Ch'ungsŏng

Han Myeonhoe (Korean: 한명회, Hanja: 韓明澮, 26 November 1415 – 28 November 1487) was a Korean politician and soldier during the Joseon Dynasty. He was Prime Minister or Chief State Councillor from October 1466 to April 1467 and again from January 1469 to August 1469, during the reigns of King Sejo of Joseon and King Yejong of Joseon. His nicknames were "Apgujeong" (압구정, 狎鷗亭), "Apgu" (압구, 狎鷗), and "Saudang" (사우당, 四友堂). He was a tactician and trusted adviser of King Sejo of Joseon and he advised the latter to produce a coup d'état.

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