Han Seok-bong

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Han Seok-bong
Han Ho 01.jpg
Korean name
Hangul 한호
Revised Romanization Han Ho
McCune–Reischauer Han Ho
Pen name
Hangul 한석봉
Revised Romanization Han Seok-bong
McCune–Reischauer Han Sŏk-pong

Han Seok-bong was a leading mid-Joseon period calligrapher. He composed calligraphy for the royal court of Korea.

Born in Songdo in the early sixteenth century,[1] in the reign of King Jungjong, Han became a master calligrapher and the primary transcriber for the next king of Joseon, Seonjo. During his lifetime, his fame for calligrapher spread through all the land and even to China.[2] One of his famous works is the Dosan-Seowon.