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Han Xue
Han Xue performed on Hubei Television on 18 April 2012.
Born (1983-01-11) 11 January 1983 (age 36)
Other namesCecilia Han
Xue Xiaoning
EducationShanghai Theatre Academy
OccupationSinger, actress
Years active2001 - present
AgentHan Xue Studio
RelativesHan Shu (grandfather)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese韓雪
Simplified Chinese韩雪
Musical career
LabelsSony Music Entertainment (2001 - 2008)
Universal Music Group (2009 - 2012)
Gold Typhoon (April 2012-)

Han Xue (born 11 January 1983), also known as Cecilia Han, is a Chinese singer and actress.[1][2][3][4]

Han is noted for her roles as Baigujing and Diaochan in the television series Journey to the West and Cao Cao respectively.


Early life[edit]

Han was born in a military family in Suzhou, Jiangsu, her grandfather Han Shu was a general of the People's Liberation Army, he participated in the Second Sino-Japanese War and Korean War.[5][6] Her grandmother was once the leading lady in the Chinese People's Liberation Army Naval Song and Dance Troupe, her aunt Han Mei is a noted musician in Canada.[7] At the age of 6, Han studied singing with the Suzhou City Choir. Her secondary education was at Suzhou No.1 Middle School.[8] Han graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy.[9]


During her university period, Han began working on her debut solo album under Sony Music Entertainment.[10][11] The album's lead single, "Falling Snow", was released on 15 October 2004, it's a cover of Mika Nakashima.[12] That same year, she starred with Aaron Kwok and Cecilia Cheung in Jingle Ma's Para Para Sakura.[13]

In 2003, Han starred in the wuxia television series Flying Daggers, adapted from Gu Long's novel Feidao Youjian Feidao of the Xiaoli Feidao Series.[14]

In 2004, Han starred as Zhantai Mingjing in the wuxia television series Heroic Legend, based on the novel by the same name by Liang Yusheng.[15] That same year, she also starred in the horror film Don't Enter the Deserted House,[16] and comedy drama series Good Luck Zhu Bajie as Princess Iron Fan.[17]

Her 2nd album, titled Summer Love, was released on 27 March 2006.[12] The same year, she was cast in The Little Fairy, a historical romance television series starring Hu Ge and Ariel Lin, she received positive reviews.[18][19]

Her 3rd album, titled A Journey Into Fantasy, was released on 31 October 2007.[20] Forbes China Celebrity 100 named Han on their list of the 100 Chinese celebrities. The same year, she played the lead role in Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio 2, a television series adaptation based on the novel of the same name by Pu Songling.[21] She also starred as the female lead in the period romance drama A Love Before Gone With Wind.[22]

In 2008, Han sang the song Beijing, Beijing, I Love Beijing with Rain, Kelly Chen, Tan Jing, and Aaron Kwok for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.[23] Then she starred in the romance drama A Mobile Love Story alongside Wallace Huo.[24]

Her 5th album, titled My Song for You, was released on 18 May 2009 by Universal Music Group.[25]

On 30 June 2010, Huayi Brothers released her 6th album Flower in Heart.[26] The same year, she became well known for her role as Baigujing in hit TV drama Journey to the West, the series reached number one in the ratings when it aired in China.[27]

Her 7th album, titled They Said, was released 15 August 2012 by Gold Typhoon.[28]

In 2013, Han starred in the historical television series Cao Cao directed by Hu Mei, playing the role of Diaochan.[29] The same year, she starred in the biographical series Ip Man, portraying Ip Man's love interest.[30]

In 2015, Han starred in the historical film Cairo Declaration.[31] The same year, she appeared in the shenmo television series Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio 4 .[32]

In 2016, Han starred as the lead in the horror film The Golden Doll.[33]

In 2017, Han starred in the fantasy drama Lost Love in Times.[34]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2000 庭院里的女人
2001 Para Para Sakura 浪漫樱花 Ke Ke [35]
2004 Don't Enter the Deserted House 荒宅勿入 Wang Jiaoluan/ Wang Jiaofeng
2011 Deadly Will 囧探佳人 Lin Lin [36]
2013 Dating Fever 我为相亲狂 Bai Jingjing [37]
2015 Follow Me My Queen 女神跟我走 Coco [38]
Cairo Declaration 开罗宣言 Edo Eiko
2016 The Golden Doll 古曼 Xiao Wen

Television series[edit]

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2001 南北一家亲 Zhu Xiaoxin
2003 The Raging Butterfly 愤怒的蝴蝶 Dadao Jizi
Flying Daggers 飞刀又见飞刀 Leng Xiaoxing
2004 Heroic Legend 萍踪侠影 Zhantai Jingming
Good Luck Zhu Bajie 福星高照猪八戒 Princess Iron Fan
Dream Factory 梦工厂 Ye Xiaoyu
大宋碑歌 Fang Yu'er [39]
2005 汉城之恋 Li Ruonong
错爱一生 Chen Xiangnan [40]
婚姻的敌人 Xu Diandian [41]
Happy Zhu Bajie 喜气洋洋猪八戒 Xiang Si [42]
2006 The Little Fairy 天外飞仙 Xiang Xuehai
The Blind Detective 盲侠金鱼飞天猪 Duan Xueyu
阿诗玛新传 A'shima [43]
窗外有张脸 Li Xue/ Li Bing [44]
Tomorrow I Am Not Lamb 明天我不是羔羊 Shi Qiuguo [45]
2007 Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio 2 聊斋2 Yanzhi
A Love Before Gone With Wind 北平往事 Kuang Meijiao
2008 Loath at Home 不想回家 Bai Yun [46]
A Mobile Love Story 爱情占线 Mu Beibei
画之缘 Gu Xiaoxue [47]
Deep Affection Life 浓情一生 Ai Qing [48]
2009 Deep Love 热爱 Shen Hanqiu [49]
Underground 地下地上 Lin Jing [50]
2010 The Sharp Sword 利剑 Wang Hanmei [51]
Journey to the West 西游记 Baigujing
Nanjing Decisive Battle 决战南京 Yang Ziyue [52]
Foolish Love 娱乐没有圈 Lin Manyi [53]
2011 Peak Times 巅峰时代 Bai Ruoqing [54]
2012 Come Home 亲爱的回家 Cheng Hua [55]
Fall in Love with You 偏偏爱上你 Tong Xin [56]
Code Thirteen 代号十三钗 Li Fenghuang [57]
2013 Woman's Weapon 女人的武器 Lin Jiu'ni [58]
Ip Man 叶问 Zhang Yongcheng
Cao Cao 曹操 Diaochan
2014 Lady's House 淑女之家 Zhou Jin [59]
2015 I Have A Dream 共和国工人之我有一个梦 Ye Chun'er [60]
Dash Out of the Moon Island 冲出月亮岛 Su Jing [61]
Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio 4 聊斋4 Xie Ling'er
The Waves 巨浪 Gao Haiwei [62]
2016 War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Han Shuying [63]
萌夫木子李 Ouyang Zhiwei [64]
2017 Stairway to Stardom 逆袭之星途璀璨 Duan Lingwei [65]
Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑 Tao Yao
婚姻历险记 Jiang Li [66]
2018 秘密航线 Feng Yaqin [67]


Studio album[edit]

# English title Chinese title Released Label Notes
1st Falling Snow 飘雪 15 October 2004 Sony Music Entertainment
2nd Summer Love 夏·恋情 27 March 2006 Sony Music Entertainment
3rd A Journey Into Fantasy (Chinese) 狂想的旅程 中文版 31 October 2007 Sony Music Entertainment
4th A Journey Into Fantasy (Japanese) 狂想的旅程 日文版 21 November 2007 Sony Music Entertainment
5th My Song for You 为你写的歌 18 May 2009 Universal Music Group
6th Flower in Heart 心中的花 30 June 2010 Huayi Brothers
7th They Said 他们说 15 August 2012 Gold Typhoon

Music Video[edit]

Year English title Chinese title Singer Notes
June 2001 para para sakura N/A Aaron Kwok
July 2002 Story 故事 Man Wenjun
January 2003 Confession 告白 Lu Yi
August 2006 Finally N/A Wang Leehom
October 2006 Last Forever 记忆 Kousuke Atari, herself
July 2009 Our Holiday 共同的节日 Luo Zhongxu, herself
August 2012 Cheer for Yourself 为自己加油 group star


Year Award Category Nominated work Result Notes
2005 ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards Best New Singer: Silver Falling Snow Won [68]
2006 CCTV Music Awards Most Promising Singer Summer Love Won [69]
2007 ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards Best Stage Singer Won [70]
Top 10 Songs "Ding Zhu Feng" Won
2008 ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards Top 10 Songs "Da Ya Gui" Won [71]
2012 Beijing Pop Music Awards Favorite Female Singer N/A Nominated
Style Breakthrough Award They Said Won [72]
Best Songs Tan Hua Won


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