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Gender female and male
Meaning the Grace of God (Jewish), happiness (Arabic), flower (Persian, Japanese), nose (Japanese)
Other names
Related names Hannah

Hana as a given name may have any of several origins. It is a variant transliteration of Hannah, which is the Jewish and French and Christian form, meaning Grace in Hebrew associated with God, as well as an Arabic name meaning happiness (هَنا), a Persian name meaning flower (حَنا), and a Kurdish name. As a Japanese name, it usually translates as flower (花, 華). In Korean, it means the number one (하나).

In Albanian, "Hana" means "moon," and "e Hane" refers to Monday (the first day of the week). In Hawaiian, "Hana" means "craft" or "work" and "Ohana" means "family".




  • Hana Asakura, the son of Anna Kyoyama and Yoh Asakura in Funbari no Uta
  • Hana Gitelman, a character on the television series Heroes
  • Hana Inuzuka, the elder sister of the character Kiba Inuzuka in the Naruto manga
  • Hana Makihatayama, (Hana-chan) a character in the anime Ojamajo Doremi
  • Hana Stoppable, Ron's adopted baby sister on the Disney Channel animated series Kim Possible
  • Hana Yamaguchi, a character in Guru Guru Pon-chan
  • Hanatarou Yamada, a character in the Bleach manga
  • Saki Hanajima (Hana-chan), a character in the manga and anime Fruits Basket
  • Hana Anafeloz, a demon in the anime Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)
  • Hana, a character in the manga and anime series Peacemaker Kurogane
  • Hana, a nurse in the novel and film The English Patient
  • Hana Isuzu, a character in the manga and anime series Girls und Panzer
  • Jung Hana, a character in the Korean drama Love Rain
  • Hana, a character in the anime movie "Wolf Children" is the mother of Ame and Yuki. She is named Hana after a flower that would always "smile" in hopes that when times grew tough she would remember to always smile like the Cosmos flower.
  • Hana N. Fountainstand, a character in Hanayamata


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