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Hanakago stable (花籠部屋, Hanakago beya) was a stable of sumo wrestlers, one of the Nishonoseki group of stables. Its most recent incarnation dated from 1992 when it was revived by Daijuyama of the Futagoyama stable. The previous version of the stable had been wound up in 1985 when former yokozuna Wajima was forced to leave the Japan Sumo Association. The Mongolian rikishi Kōryū became the revived Hanakago's first sekitori in January 2007 and in July 2008 reached the top makuuchi division. The stable closed after the May 2012 tournament, with its wrestlers moving to Minezaki stable.[1]


Notable members from previous incarnations[edit]


  • Mitsunosuke Kimura (Makoto Kawahara) - jūryō referee
  • Kazuma Kimura (Kazuma Okada) - jonokuchi referee


  • Masao (Noriyuki Otaka) - jūryō usher

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