Hanakuma Station

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Hanakuma Station

Hanakuma Station (花隈駅, Hanakuma-eki, station number: HK-17) is a train station on the Hankyu Railway Kobe Kosoku Line in Chūō-ku, Kobe, Japan.


The station opened with the rest of the Kobe Rapid Transit Railway network on April 7, 1968. On January 17, 1995, the station was closed due to the Great Hanshin earthquake; services to Shinkaichi resumed on February 6 that year, and to Sannomiya on June 1.


There are two eight-car-long side platforms at 2nd basement level serving two tracks.

north side  Kōbe Kōsoku Line for Kobe-sannomiya, Nishinomiya-kitaguchi and Osaka (Umeda)
Change to the Imazu Line at Nishinomiya-kitaguchi for Takarazuka, and to the Kyoto Line at Juso for Kyoto
south side  Kōbe Kōsoku Line for Kosoku Kobe, Shinkaichi and the Sanyo Railway Main Line (Akashi, Himeji)
Change trains at Shinkaichi for the Shintetsu Line


Trains run 0455-0020 every day. The typical hourly off-peak weekday service is:

  • 8 trains to Kobe-sannomiya, of which:
    • 6 continue to Umeda as limited expresses (Kobe-sannomiya, Okamoto, Shukugawa, Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi, Jūsō, Umeda)
  • 8 trains to Shinkaichi, of which:
    • 2 continue to Himeji as locals (alternatively passengers can change at Kōsoku-Kōbe).

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Hankyu Railway Kobe Kosoku Line (HK-17)
Kobe-sannomiya (HK-16) All trains Kōsoku Kōbe (HS 35)

Coordinates: 34°41′10.02″N 135°10′53.5″E / 34.6861167°N 135.181528°E / 34.6861167; 135.181528