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Hanan Turk
Hanan Turk.jpg
Hanan Hasan Mehammad Abdelkrim Tork

(1975-03-07) March 7, 1975 (age 45)
Years active1991–2013
Mahmoud Malek
(m. after 2012)

Hanan Turk (Arabic: حنان ترك‎; also spelt Hanan Tork; born March 7, 1975) is a retired Egyptian actress and ballerina. She was born as Hanan Hasan Abdelkrim Tork (Arabic: حنان حسن عبد الكريم ترك‎), and is credited as Hanane Tork. She is a sister to two brothers: Hesin and Hosam. Her father owned his own factory for clothes (Al Torki for Dresses).

In addition to her work in the arts, Hanan also serves as a worldwide ambassador for the international charity Islamic Relief.[1] She started her career as a ballerina and completed her studies at the Cairo Ballet Institute in 1993. She then became a member of the Cairo Ballet Group and soon after moved to the Classical Ballet Group.


She began her acting career when the famous director, Khairy Beshara saw her, and offered her the chance to act alongside Nadia Al-Gindi in the 1991 movie "Raghba Motawahesha". After that the young ballerina was thirsty for more and received her next role in the television series "Be’r Saba’" with the director Nour El-Demerdash. Among other TV roles were parts in Al Sabr Fel Malahat, Al Mal We Al Banoun and Lan A'esh Fe Gelbab Aby. In 1993, she was offered another role on the silver screen: "Dehk We Le’b We Gad We Hob". Her big chance came when she was chosen by the famous director Youssef Chahine to play a part in Al Mohager in 1994.

In 1997 she acted alongside the singer Mohamed Fouad in Ismailia Rayeh Gai. In the same year she also had the opportunity to work with Chahine once again by starring in his movie Al Maseer. Then in 1999, she had leading roles in Al Akhar and Fata Min Israel. Then yet another cooperation between the young star and the famous director in the box office hit Al Assefa. In the year 2000, the now famous actress appeared in the Ramadan serial Opera Aida. She then saw more success in the following year, with a role alongside the famous actress Samira Ahmed in "Amira Men Abdeen". She also played the leading female role in the comedy movie Ga'na Al Bayan Al Taly, opposite Mohamed Henedi. In 2001 Hanan played a role in the comedy movie Gawaz Be Karar Gomhourey. Then came her large hits Harameya Fi KG2 in 2002 and Haramiyyah fi Tayland in 2003. In 2 In 2007, she was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards of Kas w lask film.

In 2005 the film "Dunia" by Lebanese director Jocelyne Saab was released, in which Hanan played the leading role. The movie centers around the title character Dunia, a belly dancer and poet. When the film aired at the 2005 Cairo International Film Festival, it left the audience split between those who supported the film’s call for intellectual freedom and its stance against female circumcision, and those who disapproved of the title character’s desire to physically express herself through dance. It was also controversial that so many scenes were filmed in Cairo’s slums, which could be seen to tarnish Egypt's international image. The film was especially controversial in Egypt for taking up the tradition of female circumcision, among other reasons; it received a good deal of attention in Europe.

In 2006, Hanan she chose to begin wearing the Islamic hijab head scarf, and has been very vocal about this decision. By doing so, Hanan Tork has joined a group of actresses who also made the decision, such as Hala Shiha and Abla Kamel[citation needed]. Despite wearing the hijab, she has continued acting. In August 2012 she decided to stop acting and focus on her family, albeit with different roles.[2][3] She was married previously to businessman Khaled Khatab, they divorced in 2007. Hanan Tork has stated that one of the main factors that led to her divorce was her husband's displeasure at her choosing to wear the hijab and was not happy with her "change in behavior", after she became religious.[4] In 2012, she got remarried to Mahmoud Malek, the brother of Muslim Brotherhood activist leader Hassan Malik.[5] It was reported that despite her retirement, due to her past background of being an entertainer, Malek's family were against their union.[6] Turk has three children from her first marriage and two from her second.[7] Her husband owns a men's fashion boutique in Cairo.[8]


Hanan Tork quit acting during the Ramadan season 2012.[9] Since then, she only participates in Egyptian Cartoon movies and series via her voice.



Movie Year Role / Movie's Poster
Raghba Motawahesha 1992
Dehk We Leab We Gad We Hob 1993
The Emigrant 1994 Hau
Sareq Al Farah 1994
Al Akhar 1999 Hanan
Al Assifa'' (The Storm) 2000
Harameya Fi KG 2 2001 Reem
Etfarag Ya Salam 2001
El Hob El Awel (The First Love) 2001 Wafaa
Gana El Bian El Taly 2002 Eeffat El Sherbeiny
Dail El Samakah 2003 Nour
Haramiyyah Fi Thailand (Thieves in Thailand) 2003 Hanan
Sleepless Nights 2003 Farah
Hob Al Banat'' (Girls' Love) 2004 Ghada
Ahla Al Awqat'' (The Best Times) 2004 Salma
Tito 2004 Nour
Kiss Me Not on the Eyes 2005 Dunia
"Kalam Fel Hob" (Words about Love) 2006 Salma
"El Haya Montaha El Lazza" (Life is so Sweet) 2006 Hanan
"Ass Wa Lazq" (Cut and Paste) 2007 Gamila
Ahlam Haqiqeya (Real Dreams) 2007 Mariam
Al Maslaha (The Deal) 2012 Hanan


Series Year Role
El mal welbanon 1993–1995 soraya
El sabr fi el malahat 1995
El zeny brakat 1995
Nesf rabe3 el akhar 1996 omaima
Lan a3esh fi gelbab abi 1996 Nazera
samhony ma kansh asdy 2000 warda
El watad 2000 basema
Opera Ayda 2000 ayda
Sara 2005 sara
Awlad el shaware3 2006 zeinab
Hanem bent basha 2009 hanem
El Ota elamia 2010 fatma
Nona el ma2zona 2011 nona
Okht Trez 2012 Khadega/terez


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