Hanazuki: Full of Treasures

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Hanazuki: Full of Treasures
Hanazuki Full of Treasures logo.png
Also known asHanazuki
Based onThe characters
by Hanneke Metselaar and Nicola Stumpo
Directed byAllison Craig
Voices of
  • John Jennings Boyd
  • Eric V. Hachikian
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes35 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
Producer(s)Winnie Chaffee
Editor(s)Louis Legge
Running time10–11 minutes
Production company(s)
Distributor Allspark
Original networkYouTube (2017) Discovery Family (2018-)
Picture format1080i (16:9 HDTV)
Original releaseJanuary 12, 2017 (2017-01-12) –
present (present)
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Hanazuki: Full of Treasures is an American animated children's web show produced by Titmouse, Inc. for Hasbro Studios, with Stephen Davis of Hasbro Studios and Chris Prynoski of Titmouse serving as executive producers. Made in conjunction with a line of Hanazuki toys, it is based on characters and concepts which were developed by Hanneke Metselaar and Niko Stumpo before Hasbro purchased them in 2010. Set in a fictional galaxy comprising countless moons, the series follows Hanazuki, a childlike being called a Moonflower who uses her emotion-based powers to protect her home from being obliterated by a dark force known as the "Big Bad".

The series debuted on YouTube on January 12, 2017,[1] and was produced in conjunction with a line of merchandise to be released later the same year, including a toyline and digital app.[2] The web series received praise from critics, drawing favorable comparisons to other animated series such as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Steven Universe for its storytelling, visual aesthetic, and darker undertones.[3][4][5] As of May 2017, the series has amassed over 120 million views.[6] It has been renewed for a second season,[6] A third season and a feature-length film are also in development.[7]

Hanazuki began airing on Discovery Family on December 1, 2018, marking its American televised debut.[8]


The series is set in a fictional galaxy of moons that is beset by the "Big Bad", a black, inky miasma that drains the life and color of anything it touches. Each moon is protected by a Moonflower, a plantlike child who uses his or her emotional states to activate magical "treasures" that are supplied by an infantile being named Little Dreamer, which can then be planted to grow trees that ward off the Big Bad. The series opens with Hanazuki, a newly born Moonflower, arriving on a moon populated by numerous denizens, including colorful rabbit-like creatures called Hemka. Several episodes focus on Hanazuki and her friends' escapades as she learns about her responsibilities and emotions, ending with her growing a colored Treasure Tree that corresponds with her mood in that episode. As the series progresses, Hanazuki encounters other Moonflowers that have failed at saving their own moons and seek to learn from Hanazuki in order to properly harness their powers against the Big Bad.[9]



Moonflowers are childlike beings who are guardians of the galaxy's moons. Created by Little Dreamer, they have white flowers on their heads and highlights that change color depending on their moods, enabling them to grow Treasure Trees that protect their moons from the Big Bad.

  • Hanazuki (Jessica DiCicco) – The titular protagonist of the series. A newly born Moonflower, Hanazuki is a kind, friendly, and optimistic girl who always offers help to those who need it. She is quick to adapt to her role as her moon's guardian, allowing her to understand and control her own emotions more successfully than most other Moonflowers.
  • Kiazuki (Cassandra Lee Morris) – An older, cynical Moonflower who lives on a moon ravaged by the Big Bad. Although claiming to be more experienced than Hanazuki, Kiazuki has failed to ever grow a colored Treasure Tree of her own, and envies Hanazuki's success. She thus manipulates Hanazuki, who admires her as her "Moonflower sister", into helping her acquire treasures to restore her moon. She is later revealed to be the founder of the Garlandians, a failed emergency response team devised to combat the Big Bad.
  • Kiyoshi (Vargus Mason) – A male Moonflower who protects a moon inhabited by unicorns. Because of his pessimistic nature, he is only able to grow black Treasure Trees, which are ineffective in warding off the Big Bad. Deposed and exiled for his failures, Kiyoshi receives guidance from Hanazuki to properly harness his emotional powers, eventually regaining authority of his moon.
  • Maroshi (Marcus Toji) – A Moonflower from an ocean-covered world that is frozen and shattered by the Big Bad. Despite losing his home, he maintains a positive, laid-back attitude at all times, which makes him easy for others to get along with, but also appearing somewhat irresponsible. He is talented at flying through space on a surfboard-like device.
  • Miyumi (Elise Dubois) - An outgoing & confident Moonflower who always sure about herself despite not being mean. She can be irresponsible & self-centered since she prefers to enjoy herself. But in the end she realized that she can be totally responsible since she learned her lesson.


The Hemka (or Hemkas) are small, rabbit-like creatures that inhabit Hanazuki's moon. They speak in gibberish that others except Hanazuki can fully understand, and they have malleable bodies that allow them to merge and change into different objects. Each Hemka is of a different color and represents a specific personality trait that Hanazuki reflects.

  • Red Hemka (Colleen Villard) – A feisty Hemka prone to picking fights and pulling pranks on others. Red Henka often acts as the leader of the other Hemkas.
  • Orange Hemka (Michael Sinterniklaas) – A wacky Hemka who often jumps around and makes silly faces.
  • Yellow Hemka (Colleen Villard) – A happy Hemka who enjoys playing and remains optimistic in dangerous situations.
  • Lime Green Hemka (Jessica DiCicco) – A scared Hemka who is easily startled by anything.
  • Dark Green Hemka (Michael Sinterniklaas) – A mellow Hemka who speaks with a laid-back tone.
  • Teal Hemka (Michael Sinterniklaas in season 1, Cassandra Lee Morris in the shorts) – A glamorous Hemka.
  • Blue Hemka (Jessica DiCicco) – A sad Hemka who is constantly crying or on the verge of tears.
  • Lavender Hemka (Michael Sinterniklaas) – An inspired Hemka who has creative ideas but is too shy to act on them.
  • Purple Hemka (Michael Sinterniklaas) – A courageous Hemka who performs feats of derring-do.
  • Pink Hemka (Michael Sinterniklaas) – A loving Hemka who shows affection for everything.
  • Raspberry Hemka (Cassandra Lee Morris)
  • Emerald Hemka (Avery Waddell)


Unicorns in the series are native to Kiyoshi's moon. They possess the same colors and personality traits as the Hemka, with the additional ability to perform magic using their horns. Most unicorns in the series are voiced by Debi Derryberry.

  • Sleepy Unicorn (Avery Waddell) – A unicorn who lives on Hanazuki's moon and, as his name suggests, spends most of his time sleeping. Despite his relaxed and lazy nature, he harbors a troubled past; originally named Noble Unicorn, he lives in exile from his home moon after failing to stop his brother Twisted Unicorn's revolt against Kiyoshi. Convinced that he is unfit to wield magic because of his failure, Sleepy regains his confidence to use his powers again to help Hanazuki.
  • Twisted Unicorn (Avery Waddell) – Sleepy Unicorn's brother and the leader of the unicorns. Twisted is a tyrant responsible for overthrowing Kiyoshi, forcing his fellow unicorns to maintain a force field he professes will protect their moon from the Big Bad. He is eventually deposed by the combined efforts of Hanazuki, Kiyoshi, and their allies, leading Twisted to hunt them across the galaxy for revenge.


Sloth like creatures that lives on Miyumi’s moon. The others were voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris.

  • “BB” (Elise Dubois) - Miyumi’s favorite light blue Slooth who likes everything fabulous just like her.


  • Little Dreamer (Colleen Villard) – Hanazuki's infant-like creator who delivers treasures to the Moonflowers. He is shown sleeping at all times and wearing different-patterned pajamas almost every time he appears.
  • Dazzlessence Jones (Avery Waddell) – The self-appointed sheriff of Hanazuki's moon who resembles a diamond. He helps Hanazuki maintain order, and speaks verbose words through song.
  • Zikoro (Avery Waddell) – Kiazuki's sole companion on her moon, a black creature who behaves like a restless dog. He is regularly mistreated by Kiazuki, but remains loyal to her and enjoys tormenting the Hemka. After Kiazuki abandons him on Hanazuki's moon, he takes more of a liking to Hanazuki and her friends.
  • Chicken Plant (Alison Martin) – A grouchy plant with the resemblance of a chicken that constantly tries eating the Hemka. She is prone to laying eggs that hatch into destructive monsters.
  • Mirror Plant (Shondalia White) – A plant that translates an individual's thoughts and repeats what the subject says.
  • Mazzadril (Michael Sinterniklaas) – One-eyed, four-legged beasts with horns on their heads and tentacles for mouths. Their natural habitat is the dark side of both Hanazuki's moon and Kiazuki's moon.
  • Doughy Bunington (Pat Fraley) – A friendly gourmand hotdog who lives on the dark side of the moon, exiled there after thoughtlessly devouring Chicken Plant's wings.
  • Basil Ganglia (Trevor Devall) – An egocentric, megalomaniacal brain who inhabits a cave on the moon's dark side. He has designs to take over Hanazuki's moon, but is helpless to carry them out due to his lack of other body parts.
  • Flochi (Nika Futterman) – The creatures that inhabit Maroshi's moon, resembling fish with catlike faces. They glide across any surface in unison, with the exception of a lavender Flochi aptly named Wanderer for her more independent nature.
  • Axo (Gary Anthony Williams) An axolotl who is the Bouncer of the Cube: the club in the Dark Side who only likes silliness. [10]
  • Enormous Coal (Dino Andrade) A coal like creature who lives in the Volcano of Fears who likes to brag about being big.[11]
  • Depriva (Jennifer Hale) A flower on Hanazuki’s moon who’s so fabulous & likes to talk about it. [12]

Development and production[edit]

The original concept of Hanazuki was first developed in 2005 as an independent toy line by Norwegian[13][14] art director Niko Stumpo and his Dutch partner, Hanneke Metselaar,[15] under the self-formed Hanazuki Company in the Netherlands.[16] Hasbro purchased the rights to the Hanazuki brand in 2010, with The Hanazuki Company being rebranded Thisisarobot.[16] By 2013, Hanazuki was being developed as an interactive game for children from ages 7 to 12, with a scheduled release date for Fall 2014.[17] A preview of Hanazuki was included in the 2013 United States home media release of Hasbro Studios' My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.[18] On January 10, 2017, Hasbro announced Hanazuki as a web series that would premiere on their YouTube channel on January 12.[15]

The web-series was produced by Titmouse, Inc. for Hasbro Studios, with animation service provided by Inspidea in Malaysia.


Series overview[edit]

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
127January 12, 2017 (2017-01-12)July 14, 2017 (2017-07-14)
28March 23, 2019 (2019-03-23)May 4, 2019 (2019-05-04)

Season 1 (2017)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"A Moonflower Is Born"Allison CraigDave PolskyJanuary 12, 2017 (2017-01-12)
A Moonflower named Hanazuki is born on a moon inhabited by colorful Hemkas. Little Dreamer, Hanazuki's creator, delivers her a popsicle-shaped treasure that is promptly stolen by the Hemkas, particularly Red Hemka, who wants to use it to repair his damaged house. Hanazuki agrees to assist Red, but her anger erupts when he and the other Hemkas continue fighting over the treasure, causing her to turn red. After the Hemkas put their fight aside fight to help her, the treasure reacts to Hanazuki's change in mood and sprouts into a red Treasure Tree, which keeps an encroaching black miasma away from the moon.
22"Little Blue Hemka"Allison CraigKara Lee BurkJanuary 12, 2017 (2017-01-12)
While exploring the moon, Hanazuki accidentally sits on top of Blue Hemka, flattening him. The other Hemkas take him to Sleepy Unicorn, whom they believe can restore Blue using his magical powers. However, Sleepy refuses to help due to a disastrous past experience with magic. Hanazuki becomes brokenhearted, turning blue, and futilely attempts to use magic herself to rescue Blue when he is blown away by the wind. Inspired by Hanazuki's resolve to fix her mistake, Sleepy musters the courage to save Blue and return him to normal. Blue celebrates his restoration by planting a blue Treasure Tree for Hanazuki.
33"What's a Chicken Plant?"Allison CraigEric AcostaJanuary 12, 2017 (2017-01-12)
Hanazuki meets Chicken Plant, a Hemka-eating plant creature, who tricks her into leaving Yellow Hemka alone so she can swallow him whole. Returning to see what Chicken Plant has done, Hanazuki discovers that the plant has also devoured Lime Green Hemka, whom she expels inside an egg. Realizing that Chicken Plant only digests things she considers appetizing, Hanazuki climbs into the plant's mouth and escapes in an egg together with Yellow. Her joy at seeing Yellow safe causes a yellow Treasure Tree to grow next to Chicken Plant.
44"Slow Sand Rises"Allison CraigDana StarfieldJanuary 12, 2017 (2017-01-12)
After the Hemkas disrupt her garden-planting, Hanazuki finds a Mirror Plant that copies her thoughts and sentences. She uses the plant to vent her frustrations with the Hemkas, who overhear her and feel insulted. Hanazuki later finds her garden engulfed by a pit of "slow sand", and she realizes the Hemkas were trying to move the garden to safe location. Making up with the Hemkas, Hanazuki inspires them to come to Pink Hemka's rescue when he is trapped in slow sand, growing a pink Treasure Tree after the Hemkas lovingly embrace her.
55"Strange Gravity"Allison CraigRon HolseyJanuary 12, 2017 (2017-01-12)
A larger, desolate moon nearly crashes into Hanazuki and the Hemkas' moon, its gravitational force pulling Lime Green Hemka onto its surface. With the two moons anchored together by a tree, Hanazuki climbs onto the other moon to rescue Lime Green. Before long, the other Hemkas grow impatient and saw the tree off, barely giving Lime Green enough time to escape, but leaving Hanazuki caught in the larger moon's gravity. Lime Green leads the Hemkas in saving Hanazuki by tickling their moon's mouth-shaped portal, which pulls Hanazuki down close enough to grow a lime green Treasure Tree to grab onto for safety, and then blows the larger moon away with its sneeze.
66"Seeing Red"Allison CraigSam CheringtonJanuary 12, 2017 (2017-01-12)
While the Hemkas are playing pranks on Little Dreamer, Yellow Hemka accidentally drinks the juice of a red treasure plant, developing "Red Hemka fever" that makes him as feisty and uncontrollable as Red Hemka. Red makes the other Hemkas drink the red juice as well, which forces Hanazuki to drink it herself in an attempt to keep them from hurting Little Dreamer. By then, the juice's effects wear off on the Hemkas, leaving Hanazuki the only one with Red Hemka fever. She drinks the juices from other colored plants to calm herself, allowing Little Dreamer to make a new, rainbow-colored treasure, which he takes with him as he leaves.
77"Moonflower Sister"Allison CraigKerri GrantJanuary 12, 2017 (2017-01-12)
Another Moonflower named Kiazaki crash-lands her Spacesurfer on Hanazaki's moon, exciting Hanazaki with the opportunity of making a new friend like herself. Having failed at growing Treasure Trees on her own moon, Kiazuki pretends to accept Hanazuki's friendship in order to learn more about her tree-growing powers, eventually making her promise to give her the next treasure Little Dreamer delivers. When Little Dreamer arrives, Kiazuki's long-suffering pet Zikoro chases him in the hope of pleasing his owner. Hanazuki empathizes with Zikoro and grabs the treasure for him, which inexplicably angers Kiazuki. Hanazuki becomes disheartened and throws the treasure aside, growing a black tree.
88"Baby Chicken Plant"Allison CraigJulia PrescottJanuary 12, 2017 (2017-01-12)
Hanazuki is thrilled to learn that Chicken Plant is having a baby, but when she tells everyone else the news, they become terrified and hide. She is warned that all of Chicken Plant's children turn into deadly monsters shortly after birth, which proves to be the case when the baby hatches and rapidly matures by devouring Hanazuki's Treasure Trees. Upon seeing Chicken Plant reject her now adult child, Hanazuki declares herself to be the baby's mother and encourages it to stop its destructive behavior. Touched by Hanazuki's love, the baby sprouts a large feather on its head and floats off into space, leaving Hanazuki to grow another tree next to Chicken Plant.
99"Only in Unicorn Dreams"Allison CraigSam CheringtonJanuary 12, 2017 (2017-01-12)
Hanazuki discovers that Sleepy dislikes Kiazuki and pesters him to tell her why, but he insistently refuses. That night, Sleepy's magic horn projects holographic images of his dreams in his sleep, showing Hanazuki visions of other unicorns happily playing with magic until they turn hostile and begin vaporizing each other; the dream ends with a twisted-horned unicorn condemning Sleepy to exile. Kiazuki arrives and, recognizing the events in Sleepy's dream, threatens to fully expose Sleepy's past to Hanazuki. However, Hanazuki sides with Sleepy and respects his decision to keep his past a secret until he feels comfortable with sharing it.
1010"Friend or Foe"Allison CraigEric Acosta and Dave PolskyMarch 11, 2017 (2017-03-11)
After managing to deliver Kiazuki a treasure of her own, Hanazuki learns about the dark miasma known as the Big Bad, which is now approaching her moon. Kiazuki believes she can grow a Treasure Tree to save the moon by being helpful like Hanazuki usually does, but all of her efforts at helping others fail. Desperate, Kiazuki ventures into the Dark Side, a forbidden area of the moon where no Treasure Tree has been grown. Hanazuki follows her and rescues Purple Hemka from a monstrous Mazzadril that is driven away by Kiazuki, who reveals she deliberately lured Hanazuki into danger to rescue her and grow her treasure. However, Kiazuki fails again while Hanazuki's bravery allows her to grow a purple tree, further enraging Kiazuki.
1111"Forgive and Forget"Allison CraigKerri Grant and Dave PolskyMarch 11, 2017 (2017-03-11)
While wandering the Dark Side, Hanazuki and Purple Hemka meet a friendly resident named Doughy Bunington, who explains he has been exiled from the Light Side after eating Chicken Plant's wings in the past. Hanazuki returns to the Light Side and finds that in her absence, the Hemkas have overpicked all the Treasure Trees, which have lost their ability to defend against the Big Bad. Doughy, who is able to communicate with the trees, tells Hanazuki that they can be saved by slathering them with matching hues of rainbow-colored goop. Upon doing so, the trees regain enough strength to temporarily hold the Big Bad back.
1212"Brain in a Cave"Allison CraigDana StarfieldMarch 11, 2017 (2017-03-11)
Hanazuki begins preparing everyone on the moon for the Big Bad's return. However, the Hemkas fear the Treasure Trees will not recover in time, so they help Kiazuki build a larger Spacesurfer for them to all escape in, saddening Hanazuki. Suspicious of Kiazuki's willingness to accept their help, Hanazuki and Sleepy discover that she has been working with a megalomaniacal brain named Basil Ganglia, whom Kiazuki has tricked into giving her blueprints for her new ship. Hanazuki awakens the next morning to find that all of her Treasure Trees have been stolen by Kiazuki, who has abandoned the Hemkas and Zikoro. Although furious, Hanazuki is overjoyed that her friends are staying and grows a yellow tree.
1313"True Colors"Allison CraigKara Lee BurkMarch 11, 2017 (2017-03-11)
When the Big Bad begins engulfing the moon, Hanazuki realizes one Treasure Tree is insufficient and decides to recruit Basil for help. Basil, who realizes Kiazuki has betrayed him, agrees on the condition that Hanazuki make him ruler of the moon first. When Hanazuki does, however, he stubbornly refuses to cooperate unless she continues to follow his demands. Appalled by Basil's self-centeredness, Hanazuki flies into a rage while Little Dreamer supplies her with enough treasures to grow an entire grove of red trees, saving the moon.
1414"Meteor the Family"Allison CraigEric Acosta and Dave PolskyMarch 11, 2017 (2017-03-11)
Dazzlessence Jones gets struck on the head during a meteor shower, and when he regains consciousness, he begins speaking to the meteorites as though they are his relatives. Hanazuki, who is unable to hear the meteorites, believes Dazzlessence is hallucinating from his head injury and tries convincing him that the meteorites are not alive. When they find the Hemkas disposing of the meteorites into a crevice, Dazzlessence jumps down to rescue them and is buried under a pile of rocks. Hanazuki fearfully digs him out, growing a lime green Treasure Tree after saving him, though this still does not stop Dazzlessence from talking to the meteorites.
1515"The Volcano of Fears"Allison CraigDana StarfieldMarch 11, 2017 (2017-03-11)
Hanazuki has a nervous breakdown over all of her harrowing adventures, so her friends suggest she take the day off to help her relax. When Orange Hemka wanders off, Hanazuki follows him to a volcano that subjects people to apparitions of their worst fears, which she falls into. Sleepy and Dazzlessence enter the volcano to rescue Hanazuki, discovering that her fear is not being there to protect the Hemkas from danger. When Orange also becomes trapped in the volcano, Hanazuki learns that he similarly fears for her safety. She is then able to grow a purple Treasure Tree to save herself and her friends from falling deeper into the volcano.
1616"Double Trouble"Allison CraigSam CheringtonMarch 11, 2017 (2017-03-11)
Hanazuki and her friends are faced with a Mazzadril and another egg laid by Chicken Plant at the same time. Hanazuki devises a plan to sway Chicken Plant's baby to their side by having everyone, including the usually neglectful Chicken Plant, lavish it with motherly love so it can fight the Mazzadril. The plan is a success, and the baby, named Junior, manages to fight off the Mazzadril before it matures and flies away. To Hanazuki's surprise, Chicken Plant is sad to see Junior leave without saying goodbye. Hanazuki comforts her and grows a blue Treasure Tree near her.
1717"Homesick"Allison CraigKara Lee BurkMarch 11, 2017 (2017-03-11)
Zikoro begins acting more aggressive than usual as he continues to miss Kiazuki. Sleepy warns Hanazuki that his condition will worsen if he remains away from Kiazuki for too long, but Hanazuki wants nothing to do with Kiazuki, resenting her for abandoning Zikoro and stealing her trees. When the Hemkas try helping Zikoro return to his moon, Hanazuki decides to let them handle the situation to avoid associating with Kiazuki. Due to Hanazuki lessening her authority over her moon, however, the Hemkas fall under Zikoro's influence and enter a feral state. Sleepy builds a Spacesurfer for him and Hanazuki to bring Zikoro home, but they are fired upon shortly after they take off into space.
1818"Captured!"Allison CraigKerri GrantMarch 11, 2017 (2017-03-11)
Hanazuki, Sleepy, and Zikoro are taken captive on Sleepy's home moon and meet Twisted Unicorn, Sleepy's estranged brother, who has overthrown their Moonflower and maintains a magical barrier that allegedly protects their moon from the Big Bad. Twisted requests Sleepy's help to recruit the unicorns rebelling against him, and threatens Hanazuki and Zikoro when Sleepy refuses. Upon meeting the rebels, the three learn from them that Twisted has tried forcing them into servitude, and that they doubt the Big Bad's existence. To convince the rebels of the Big Bad's threat, Hanazuki volunteers to find their missing Moonflower.
1919"Hide and Seek"Allison CraigStory by : Julia Prescott
Teleplay by : Kerri Grant
May 19, 2017 (2017-05-19)
Hanazuki searches for Kiyoshi, the Moonflower of Sleepy's moon, who has secluded himself within a grove of black Treasure Trees. Upon being found, Kiyoshi tells Hanazuki that his black trees are useless against the Big Bad and rejects her help. Twisted confronts Hanazuki and captures her, disbelieving of the Moonflowers' ability to protect the galaxy. Sleepy chases Twisted alongside Kiyoshi, who asks Twisted to give Hanazuki a chance to prove herself. When Little Dreamer arrives, however, Twisted attacks him. In the ensuing battle between Sleepy and Twisted, the barrier is destroyed and the other unicorns immediately turn against Twisted. Hanazuki and Sleepy escape with Kiyoshi, who wishes to learn from Hanazuki, but are forced to leave Zikoro when he remains behind to pin Twisted down.
2020"Better Together"Allison CraigKerri GrantMay 26, 2017 (2017-05-26)
Shortly after arriving on Hanazuki's moon, Kiyoshi uses his fortune-telling ability to predict that Twisted has been driven off of his moon and is now coming to attack. Kiyoshi flees and hides on the Dark Side, believing he is endangering Hanazuki's moon with his presence. When Twisted does arrive for him, Hanazuki assures Kiyoshi that she will brave the future together with him because, as Moonflowers, they are family. Hanazuki runs to recruit Sleepy against Twisted, but Twisted finds him as soon as she does and holds him hostage.
2121"The Resistance"Allison CraigDana StarfieldJune 2, 2017 (2017-06-02)
Hanazuki learns that any magic used against Twisted makes him more powerful. She remains determined to protect Kiyoshi, but her efforts of resisting Twisted are stymied when Dazzlessence attempts to hand Kiyoshi over to him for the moon's protection, while Sleepy tries to escort Hanazuki to safety. As he chases the Moonflowers, Twisted absorbs the juice of purple Treasure Trees and is filled with courage, becoming even more formidable than ever before. The Moonflowers realize his susceptibility to treasure juice, so they pelt him with pink treasures that turn him overly sweet and sentimental, causing him to reveal his secret desire for Kiyoshi's approval and flee the moon in humiliation.
2222"Hemkas Got Talent"Allison CraigJulia PrescottJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)
Hanazuki encourages Kiyoshi to return to his home moon to grow new Treasure Trees, accompanying him on the trip. The Hemkas become depressed when Hanazuki leaves, taking her compliments about Kiyoshi's unicorns to mean that she thinks the Hemkas are inferior. Lavender Hemka gets the idea to build a new house for Hanazuki to impress her, only for it to fall apart as soon as she returns. Hanazuki thanks Lavender for the gift anyway, saying she admires the Hemkas for their teamwork, which the warring unicorns lack. She is then inspired to try a new way of bringing trees to Kiyoshi's moon.
2323"Damage Control"Allison CraigKara Lee BurkJune 16, 2017 (2017-06-16)
Hanazuki plans to help Kiyoshi by directly transporting a Treasure Tree to his moon. Sleepy sends Kiyoshi a message with instructions for a tractor beam, but Kiyoshi is unable to assert his authority over the unicorns, who are fighting over which color to paint the lunar palace. Zikoro, whom the unicorns already respect for helping overthrow Twisted, succeeds in organizing the unicorns to collect the tree along with Hanazuki, Sleepy, and their Spacesurfer. When Kiazuki's moon passes overhead, however, Zikoro reverts to his feral state, leaving the unicorns in disarray once more. While Hanazuki and Sleepy resume their effort to bring Zikoro home, Kiyoshi is inspired to allow the more cooperative unicorns to paint the palace by themselves, which convinces the bickering ones to end their fighting in order to be included; his idea results in him growing a lavender tree. Shortly thereafter, Sleepy reveals to the Moonflowers that he has called for Kiazuki to pick Zikoro up personally, to Hanazuki's dismay.
2424"Recovery"Allison CraigJulia PrescottJune 23, 2017 (2017-06-23)
Kiazuki is greeted hospitably by Kiyoshi, surprising Hanazuki with their familiarity. Hanazuki remains cold towards Kiazuki, who prepares to leave as soon as she retrieves Zikoro. While helping Kiazuki return home, Kiyoshi sees the desolate state of her moon and asks Hanazuki for a favor. He reveals that Kiazuki is the former organizer of the Garlandians, a team intended to unite the galaxy's Moonflowers against the Big Bad; Hanazuki begrudgingly agrees to help Kiazuki in his place. Upon arriving on Kiazuki's moon, Hanazuki finds her stolen Treasure Trees in dire straits due to the moon's infertile soil. Using Sleepy's magic, Hanazuki is able to provide fresh soil for Kiazuki, and the two make peace. Then, a nearby moon suddenly explodes, its pieces hurdling towards Hanazuki's moon. A meteor strikes Hanazuki's ship as she rushes home, sending her adrift into space, but she is rescued by Maroshi, another Moonflower.
2525"Rescued!"Allison CraigSam CherringtonJune 30, 2017 (2017-06-30)
Maroshi safely returns Hanazuki and Sleepy to their moon, which has been partially devastated by debris from the exploded moon, revealed to be Maroshi's. Hanazuki discovers that Maroshi and his companions, the Flochis, have already made their new home on her moon and befriended everyone while she was away. Envious, Hanazuki cannot concentrate on planting new Treasure Trees to replace the ones destroyed in the meteor shower. To cheer her up, Dazzlessence shows her the completed house the Hemkas have built for her, proving that they still love and appreciate her. The moment is spoiled when Maroshi tells her that the Big Bad—the cause of his moon's obliteration—is nearby. As soon as the Big Bad begins covering the defenseless moon, Kiazuki and Zikoro return with the now-healthy trees in tow aboard their ship.
2626"The Transplant"Allison CraigDave PolskyJuly 7, 2017 (2017-07-07)
Kiazuki takes charge of the other moon creatures as they replant Hanazuki's stolen Treasure Trees, sending the Hemkas to help Hanazuki deliver rainbow goop to feed the trees. However, a powerful gust of wind blown by the Big Bad scatters the Hemkas across the moon. Hanazuki manages to find all of them except for Red Hemka, who has been blown to the Dark Side. There she finds that the red Treasure Tree grove is still intact, with Doughy and Basil taking refuge there. She also finds a weakening Red slowly fading from existence, which Basil explains is a sickness caused by the Big Bad. Unable to heal Red, and with the Big Bad completely surrounding the moon, Hanazuki cries out for someone to help.
2727"Big Bad Sickness"Allison CraigDave PolskyJuly 14, 2017 (2017-07-14)
Doughy helps Red Hemka recover from his sickness by feeding him with medicinal herbs. Meanwhile, on the Light Side, Hanazuki's friends successfully plant the Treasure Trees and drive the Big Bad away. Kiazuki is ecstatic to have her first victory against the Big Bad, expecting Little Dreamer to reward her with a new treasure. However, Little Dreamer passes her over again to deliver a treasure to Hanazuki. Infuriated, Kiazuki snaps and provokes a Mazzadril into helping her uproot the Treasure Trees, beckoning the Big Bad to return. The Hemkas merge to form a giant Rainbow Hemka, which helps Hanazuki chase Kiazuki down and defeat the Mazzadril. Understanding Kiazuki's despair over her moon's devastation, Hanazuki encourages her to express her true feelings. Kiazuki weeps, turning blue, and is subsequently given a treasure that grows into a blue tree. Kiazuki is overcome with joy and a range of other emotions as Little Dreamer continually gives her and Hanazuki more treasures, producing a multicolored grove that banishes the Big Bad once more.

Season 2 (2019)[edit]

A second season was announced on May 9, 2017, and first aired in 2018 on Carousel in Russia. It first aired in English on POP in late 2018[6] Season 2 premiered on Discovery Family in America on March 23, 2019,[19] and will end on May 4, 2019.[20]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
128"Surprise, Surprise"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptDave PolskyMarch 23, 2019 (2019-03-23)[19]
Hanazuki plans a surprise party for Kiazuki, but Kiazuki is more interested in the mysterious and strange sound emanating from the portal.
229"Underground Escape"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptDave PolskyApril 13, 2019 (2019-04-13)[21]
Hanazuki must rescue Doughy Bunnington after he is swallowed by slow sand. Underground she meets a flower named Depriva who then captures 2 new Hemkas (Raspberry, & Emerald).
330"Hemkas Come Home"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptWhitney RallsApril 13, 2019 (2019-04-13)[21]
Hanazuki becomes jealous when two Hemkas become more attached to Kiazuki than herself. Which then she found out that those Hemkas reminds her of her Zikoros that went missing. Hanazuki promised her that “We’ll find out who stole your Zikoros.”
431"A Little Bit Enormous"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptLee RubensteinApril 20, 2019 (2019-04-20)[21]
Dazzlessence Jones mentors a new moon creature called Enormous Coal.
532"Building Blocks"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptChris OsbrinkApril 27, 2019 (2019-04-27)[21]
Hanazuki lets the other Moonflowers build new rooms in her house.
633"Oh My, Miyumi"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptWhitney RallsApril 27, 2019 (2019-04-27)[21]
Hanazuki discovers the sound from the portal to be a distress signal from another moon. There she meets a new Moonflower named Miyumi, Who lives with her Slooths. Till then, they notice that something Or someone took Bebe, Miyumi’s favorite Slooth. Miyumi realized that she has a moon to protect, gives Hanazuki her BoomBox and told her “If you need any help, give us a tune.” Hanazuki told her that she’s “not the only one whose little guys were taken.” Which meant that firstly was Kiazuki’s Zikoros, & thought that it was the big bad all along. Now something or someone is threatening the moons. Hanazuki then tolds her that, “We’re gonna find them, we still have hope.”
734"Dance On The Dark Side"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptEmma FletcherMay 4, 2019 (2019-05-04)[20]
Hanazuki takes Kiazuki to a dance club on the Dark Side. There they meet Axo the bouncer of the club. Kiazuki can't enter it and says that she is not interested in going anyway. Then she starts to dance when she hears the music inside the club. She laughs and it gets her in the club.
835"Feelin’ It"Allison Craig & Brian MuelhauptGreg LevineMay 4, 2019 (2019-05-04)[20]
Maroshi gets his first Treasure from Little Dreamer, but he doesn't know how to activate it. Hanazuki and Kiyoshi try to help him in vain, but then discovers that moods can not be forced, but somehow be felt. Maroshi, & Kiyoshi talk about their past, then all of a sudden, Maroshi grows a black treasure tree. The are all excited that it happened, and want Maroshi to come, but then he decides to chill in their trees. Hanazuki and Kiyoshi decides to join him in the end.

Season 3 (TBD)[edit]

A third season was announced on August 3, 2017 during investor day and is scheduled to premiere in 2019.[7]


On August 7, 2017, it was announced that Hasbro was preparing a series of 1- to 2-minute-long shorts that would be released between the first and second seasons.[7] Eight shorts were released on June 16, 2018 in the United Kingdom via the Pop Fun mobile app.[citation needed]

No.TitleDirected byWritten byRuntimeOriginal air date
1"A Day in the Dream of Little Dreamer"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptWhitney Ralls2:26June 16, 2018 (2018-06-16)
Little Dreamer flies around the galaxy, taking pictures of various space objects with a camera that magically produces the treasures he gives Hanazuki. It is then revealed that this is Raspberry Hemka's speculation on where the treasures come from.
2"A Hemka Lullabye"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptWhitney Ralls2:29June 16, 2018 (2018-06-16)
Hanazuki has difficulty putting the rowdy Hemkas to sleep for the night. She resorts to singing a desperate lullaby, which appears to work until the Hemkas sneak out of the house behind her back.
3"Good Cop, Shiny Cop"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptWhitney Ralls2:35June 16, 2018 (2018-06-16)
Dazzlessence Jones loses his boots and believes someone has stolen them, recruiting Hanazuki to perform a good cop/bad cop routine to suspects around the moon. After interrogating every other resident on the moon, he finds the boots in the last place he remembers seeing them.
4"Sleepy's Relaxation Boot Camp"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptDave Polsky2:37June 16, 2018 (2018-06-16)
Sleepy Unicorn puts Hanazuki through "relaxation boot camp" to ease her stress over losing her bracelet, but she is so anxious that she keeps trying to run off to find it. After Hanazuki exhausts herself worrying and falls asleep, Sleepy finds the missing bracelet hanging on a tree and returns it to her.
5"Doughy's Full-fillment"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptWhitney Ralls2:36June 16, 2018 (2018-06-16)
The normally insatiable Doughy Bunington suffers an identity crisis when he eats so much that he becomes full. After trying to mimic Basil Ganglia and the Pyramid with a Face, Doughy is delighted to realize he is feeling hungry again and goes back to eating.
6"Zikoro's Treasure"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptWhitney Ralls2:36June 16, 2018 (2018-06-16)
Zikoro plays with a treasure discarded by Kiazuki after another failed attempt to grow it, later keeping it for himself when Kiazuki turns red with anger and comes looking for it.
7"You Owe Me One"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptKatie Chilson2:36June 16, 2018 (2018-06-16)
Kiazuki struggles to get Zikoro down from atop a Treasure Tree by herself. Reluctant to ask for help outright, she begins doing favors for others around the moon so they may owe her a favor in return. Once the others help her save Zikoro, Hanazuki tells Kiazuki she can simply ask for their help in the future.
8"Dazzlecize!"Allison Craig and Brian MuelhauptWhitney Ralls2:37June 16, 2018 (2018-06-16)
Dazzlessence exercises together with Orange, Pink, Dark Green, Teal, and Yellow Hemka.


Released beginning on January 12, 2017 on the property's official website and by Hasbro's official YouTube channel, the first season consists of 27 episodes, with the first 18 released in two sets of nine in accordance with the full moon of the lunar calendar.[15][22] The remaining nine episodes were released weekly from May 19 to July 14, 2017.[6]

In Canada, Hanazuki: Full of Treasures aired as a sneak peek on January 28, 2017 on YTV, Teletoon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel, all operated by Corus Entertainment.[23][24][25][26][better source needed]

In the United States, Discovery Family began broadcasting the first season on December 1, 2018.[8]

Other media[edit]

The web series was made in conjunction with a line of Hanazuki toys first announced at the 2017 New York Toy Fair, which was launched in June that same year.[6][2] A digital app for the series was released for iOS and Android on April 4, 2017, offering a tie-in interactive video game along with episodes of the web series.[6][27] A companion book authored by Brandon T. Snider, titled Hanazuki: Book of Treasures – The Official Guide, was released on November 7, 2017.[28] A series of four chapter books set within the universe of the web-series was also announced, with the first book written by Stacy Davidowitz, titled Hanazuki: A Spark in the Dark, released on May 8, 2018.[29]

Theatrical run[edit]

A Hanazuki short was released theatrically with Hasbro Studio's My Little Pony: The Movie on October 6, 2017,[30] the plot of which focuses on Hanazuki as she tries to get a treasure back from the playful Yellow Hemka. During Hasbro's investor day on August 3, 2017, an animated feature based on the series was announced to be in early stages of development, set to be released by Paramount Animation.[7]


Hanazuki: Full of Treasures was met with critical praise and online popularity upon release, with several favorably comparing it to the television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (another Hasbro property) and Steven Universe for its light-hearted tone, visual aesthetic, and methodical storytelling.[3][4][5] As of May 2017, the series has accumulated over 120 million views on YouTube.[6]

In her review of the web series, Lauren Orsini of Forbes commented on the involvement of Friendship Is Magic writer Dave Polsky as a story editor, considering Friendship Is Magic to be lucrative to Hasbro's success, and concluding that the series was an attempt by the company to incite similar success with Hanazuki.[3] In a later article, Orsini attributed the series' popularity on YouTube to its "spunky characters and high production values".[31] Mercedes Milligan of Animation Magazine said of the series, "Hanazuki puts a modern, cross-platform spin on a premise that will be familiar to '80s kids who grew up with Rainbow Brite, et al."[9] Ella Anders of BSC Kids praised the opening episodes for its setting, lore, characters, and overarching storytelling. She additionally interpreted the series as a Western magical girl series that "doesn't play off the traditional magical girl path or tropes".[4] Nathalie Medina of iDigitalTimes gave the series a score of 4 out of 5, complimenting the characters and hints of a more complex underlying story, and comparing its visual style to "a Lisa Frank folder with a 2000s aesthetic".[5]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Award Category Recipient(s) and nominee(s) Result Ref(s)
Behind the Voice Actors Awards Best Male Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Supporting Role Trevor Devall (as Basil Ganglia) Nominated [32]
Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Supporting Role Alison Martin (as Chicken Plant) [32]
Best Vocal Ensemble in a NEW Television Series Jessica DiCicco, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Michael Sinterniklaas, Cassandra Lee Morris, Avery Waddell, Vargus Mason, Marcus Toji, Alison Martin, Trevor Devall [32]


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