Hand Grenade (cocktail)

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Hand Grenade
A hand grenade from Tropical Isle on Bourbon Street
Base spirit
Commonly used ingredients

The Hand Grenade is a cocktail drink (made with vodka, rum, gin and melon liqueur), sold frozen or on the rocks exclusively through five licensed nightclub bars in the New Orleans French Quarter.


Pam Fortner and Earl Bernhardt, owners of the Tropical Isle bar founded during the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition, created the melon-flavored Hand Grenade as their signature cocktail.[1] Since January 1992, the Hand Grenade has been served in a green, translucent, plastic yard glass container with a bulbous, textured base shaped like an oversized hand grenade.[2]

Five French Quarter bars sell the Hand Grenade.[2][better source needed]


Cocktail enthusiasts' opinions about the sweet and potent drink range from classifying it as a "terrible drink"[3] (along with another similarly unique French Quarter cocktail, the Hurricane) to being "well worth the hangover".[citation needed]

Tropical Isle's website sells a prepared Hand Grenade mix for home use.[4]


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