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Hand heart
Then-C.I.V.A member Kim So-hee doing a thumb and index finger hearts in 2016

A hand heart is a gesture in which a person forms a heart shape using their fingers. Hand hearts are usually more popular within the young generation.[1]

The sign has been popularied by musical artists, such as Taylor Swift, who has used it in her live shows.[2] In South Korea it is a known symbol among K-pop stars and their fans and has popularly been performed using the thumb and index finger.[3] The thumb and index finger gesture has become popular across Asia due to the popularity of Kpop and Korean dramas.[4]

Hand hearts are widely used everywhere in the world, and appear often in pictures taken by individuals and celebrities.[5]

Google patent[edit]

Discovered by Engadget team, Google filed a patent in July 2011 that allowed Google Glass users to use the hand heart in front of any objects, and the gadget automatically recognise the object, takes a picture, and send it to social networks as a "liked" image.[6][7]


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