Handa Station

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Handa Station
Handa Station
Location Miyuki-cho 110-1, Handa, Aichi
Operated by JR Central
Line(s) Taketoyo Line
Opened 1886
Passengers (2008) 1761 daily

Handa Station (半田駅, Handa-eki) is a train station operated by the Central Japan Railway Company in Handa, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The station is 14.6 rail kilometers from the terminus of the Taketoyo Line at Ōbu Station.


Handa Station was opened on March 1, 1886 as a passenger and freight station on the Japanese Government Railways (JGR), but was relocated to its present location in 1896. In November 1910, an overpass connecting the platforms was completed. This is the oldest overpass in Japan. The station building was expanded and rebuilt in 1912. Freight operations commenced from April 1, 1903, and the station building was reconstructed at that time. The JGR became the Japan National Railway (JNR) after World War II. Freight operations were discontinued from November 15, 1975 and small parcel operations from February 1, 1984. With the privatization and dissolution of the JNR on April 1, 1987, the station came under the control of the Central Japan Railway Company. Automatic turnstiles were installed in May 1992, and the TOICA system of magnetic fare cards was implemented in November 2006. The Taketoyo Line, on which this station is, will be electrified in 2015 and steps are being taken to construct the overhead lines such that the overpass can be preserved.[1]



Handa Station has a single island platform.


1  Taketoyo Line for Ōbu
2  Taketoyo Line for Taketoyo


Adjacent stations[edit]

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Coordinates: 34°53′41″N 136°55′49″E / 34.8947°N 136.9303°E / 34.8947; 136.9303