Handa clan

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Khatri Clan: Handa
Distribution Punjab region
Branches: None
Religion Hinduism and Sikhism
Languages Punjabi
Surnames: Handa

Handa (Punjabi: ਹਾਂਡਾ, ہانڈا; Hindi: हाँडा) is a prominent Khatri clan originating from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Handas are all Punjabi's and are Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims. Many Handa's trace their origin to the former Indian and now Pakistani districts of Punjab: Lahore, Gujranwala, and Gujrat. Lakhanwal Khas and Jalalpur Jattan are two towns within the Gujrat district that many Handa's trace their ancestry to. After the India-Pakistan partition many Handa's had left their native homes in Pakistan and relocated to various parts of Northern India. Many Handa's can be found in regions like Punjab, Delhi, Uttarpradesh, Haryana, Kashmir and Rajasthan. Some Handa families may also be found in mid and southern parts of India; especially those families that are a part of the Indian armed forces.

Handa Family Tree[edit]

The Handa clan, like other Khatri clans, have their own family Pundit's, known as the Purohit, in Haridwar, India. The Purohit are responsible for maintaining the records of the forefathers of the Hindu family from thousands of years back. Family elders are required and obliged go to Haridwar when ever there is a new birth in the family and must add this information to the ever growing family tree that is then maintained and kept for future generations.

Notable Handas[edit]


Jasjeet Kaur Handa - Hockey player, Arjuna award


Vipin Handa - Noted television personality and film critic.

Pooja Handa - Canadian Television reporter for CP24.

Bollywood and fashion[edit]

Sophia Handa - Mrs Gladrags winner 2009 and Bollywood actress.

Rupinder Handa - Punjabi singer, Winner of Awaaz Punjabi Di (in 2005).