Handel Gothic

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Handel Gothic
Handel Gothic Type Specimen.svg
Category Sans-serif
Classification Geometric sans-serif
Designer(s) Donald J. Handel, Robert Trogman
Foundry PhotoStar
Date released 1960s
Re-issuing foundries Bitstream, Elsner+Flake, Linotype, Tilde SIA, URW, ITC

Handel Gothic is a geometric sans-serif typeface.

The typeface was designed in the mid-1960s by Donald J. Handel (1936-2002), who worked for the graphic designer Saul Bass.[1] It was used in the 1973 United Airlines logo developed by Bass.

When first released, Handel Gothic was an instant success. The typeface was originally distributed in film format by PhotoStar and was reissued in the 1980s by Robert Trogman.[citation needed]

It was a popular font in the 1980s due to its futuristic design, and even today is used to signify the future.[citation needed]

The Bitstream version uses a curved leg on uppercase R (like that of Helvetica), a horizontal tail on the uppercase Q, a curved lower leg on the lowercase k, and a trident-like lowercase w.

Handel Gothic Cyrillic[edit]

It is a version by Tilde SIA with Cyrillic support. The family includes 1 font.

ITC Handel Gothic (2008)[edit]

It is a re-proportioned version designed by Rod McDonald, released in March 2008 by International Typeface Corporation.

The original release includes 5 fonts in 5 weights. OpenType features include fractions, ligatures, ordinals, stylistic alternates and subscript/superscript. Italic versions of the fonts were introduced with release of ITC Handel Gothic Pro.

ITC Handel Gothic Pro (2010)[edit]

It is a version of ITC Handel Gothic with complementary italic designs, support of Adobe Central Europe character set, addition of ligatures and alternate characters.[2]

Additional OpenType features include localized forms, stylistic set 1.

Corporate identity uses[edit]

  • United Airlines - In 1973 Saul Bass developed the United logo that featured a customized red and blue "Double U" logo and underneath Handel Gothic logotype.[3]
  • Arkon Technologies - Handel Gothic Light [4]
  • ADFC - Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club, the German NGO, supporting cycling, uses Handel Gothic as their corporate logo font. [5]


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