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Handgun Club of America
Logo of the Handgun Club of America.jpg
Handgun Club of America logo
Established 2005
Headquarters Minneapolis, Minnesota
Website www.handgunclub.com

Handgun Club of America is a gun organization, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Founded in 2005, the Handgun Club of America believes to fill the gap between large nationwide gun organizations (that tend to be politically oriented) and the interests of small local gun clubs (that often meet only once a month).

Membership consists of law-abiding individuals nationwide across the United States, with an interest in the Second Amendment and for the skillful and safe use of handguns.

We formed the Handgun Club of America because there was no single organization devoted to strictly handguns. People buy handguns for many reasons. Unfortunately many people don't know where to turn to get information or ask questions. As a result, they ask "Uncle Jack" who was in the Navy which handgun they should buy. Or worse, they ask friends who make them feel evil if they want to own a gun.

They don't want to wade through articles on shotguns, rifles or Elk hunting in the winter. Our members want to know about safety, learning to shoot better, how to cope with home intruders or attacks on the streets. They want to know what's legal and what isn't. They want to know what ammo they should use and how to stretch that budget. And some want to know if Grandpa's old revolver is valuable.

So, if you own a handgun and want to learn more about safely handling, carrying, shooting or maintaining your gun you've come to the right place. Grab a cup of coffee and explore our site.

Handgun of America website

Political Affiliations[edit]

Unlike other pro-firearm organizations, HCA does not endorse any candidate or political party, nor does it allege to solicit members for donations. As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment provisions in the Bill of Rights, HCA strives to keep its membership aware of threats to Second Amendment freedoms around the country.

Membership represents many different political parties and independent voters.


Currently, HCA publishes two periodicals, a bi-weekly e-newsletter called eTips and TipOffs, and a bi-monthly members-only newsletter called Pistols & Revolvers. Members submit questions to the club's firearms experts and receive authoritative answers on a wide range of subjects ranging from safety to gun values to equipment.


The Handgun Club of America's main goal is to provide members with a place to develop both the self-defense and hobbyist aspects of the shooting sports, and to defend the Second Amendment.

Safety Initiative[edit]

In an effort to make gun safety information firmly stick in the minds of readers, HCA began an initiative in 2009 to present safety information in a different format. Among the methods used were videos showing specific handgun mishaps.[1]

As another part of the initiative, HCA partnered with safe manufacturers to put biometric safes in houses where handguns are present. These safes deny access to unauthorized people (including children), but let the owner quickly access his or her handgun in case of a home invasion.


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