Handkerchief of Clouds

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Handkerchief of Clouds
Mouchoir de Nuages.jpg
Written byTristan Tzara
Date premiered17 May 1924 (1924-05-17)
Place premieredThéâtre de la Cigale, Paris
Original languageFrench

Handkerchief of Clouds: A Tragedy in Fifteen Acts (French: Mouchoir de Nuages) is a French-language Dadaist play by Romanian-born author Tristan Tzara.[1] Tzara described it as an "ironic tragedy" or a "tragic farce", composed of 15 short acts, each with an accompanying commentary, with a strong influence from "the serialized novel and the cinema."[2] Its action, he continues, should be staged on a platform in the centre of a box-like room "from which the actors cannot leave"[2] It was first staged on 17 May 1924 at the Théâtre de la Cigale in Paris.[3] The play was Tzara's last Dada production.[4]

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