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Handler or The Handler may refer to:



  • Handler, offensive player in Ultimate (sport)
  • Animal handler, person who conducts animal training or is a wrangler
  • Handler, a sport coach, agent or promoter
  • Agent handling, person who manages a spy or agent of organizations in conflict such as nations and even groups and gangs involved in crusades, jihad, mass organized conversion rackets, etc.
  • Baggage handler, a person who loads and unloads baggage and other cargo for transport via aircraft
  • Mail handler, a postal worker
  • Aircraft handler, a branch of the Fleet Air Arm/Royal Navy
  • Garter handler, an old term for a pimp
  • Political handler, an advisor and supporter of a politician

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  • Air handler, a device used as part of an HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) system
  • Handler, a robotic device used to automatically place a device under test into an automatic test equipment system
  • Seismic Handler, an interactive analysis program for preferably continuous waveform data
  • Telescopic handler, a machine widely used in agriculture and industry

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