Handphone (film)

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Directed byKim Han-min
Produced byHeo Tae-gu
Kim Min-gi
Heo Chang
Eom Ju-yeong
Written byKim Mi-hyeon
StarringUhm Tae-woong
Park Yong-woo
Music byKim Jun-seong
CinematographyPark Sang-hun
Edited byKim Sun-min
Release date
  • February 19, 2009 (2009-02-19)
Running time
137 minutes
CountrySouth Korea
Box officeUS$3.9 million[1]

Handphone (Korean핸드폰; RRHaendeupon; MRHaendŭp‘on) is 2009 South Korean crime film.[2][3]


Talent manager Seung-min sees Yoon Jin-ah, a rising actress, as his one last hope to turn his life around. Just as Jin-ah is on the path to stardom, he receives a threat from her former lover and gets her sex clip on his phone. Seung-min tracks down the culprit and retrieves the tape but ends up losing his phone. He realizes there is one last evidence of the sex tape on his phone and anxiously looks for it. Yi-gyu, who found Seung-min's phone, calls Seung-min's wife and asks her to come pick it up. On the night the phone was supposed to be returned, Yi-gyu doesn't show up. Now Yi-gyu is the one holding the leverage. Seung-min tries to do everything possible to get back his phone but Yi-gyu's demands are escalating to the point of no return.[4][5]


  • Uhm Tae-woong as Oh Seung-min
  • Park Yong-woo as Jung Yi-gyu
  • Park Sol-mi as Kim Jeong-yeon
  • Lee Se-na as Yoon Jin-ah
  • Kim Nam-gil as Jang Yoon-ho (Jin-ah's ex-boyfriend)
  • Hwang Bo-yeon as Kim Dae-jin (Seung-min's assistant)
  • Park Gil-su as Choi (loan shark)
  • Kim Gu-taek as Choi's bodyguard
  • Kim Yu-seok as Han Joon-soo (attorney)
  • Joo Jin-mo as Captain Kim
  • Seo Woo as Yi-gyu's sister
  • Kim Jong-seok as wedding toastmaster
  • Kim Gu-ra as radio DJ who interviews Jin-ah
  • Jeon Bae-su as sound engineer at radio station
  • Bong Man-dae as movie director
  • Choi Ju-bong as man who lost dog in the store
  • Lee A-rin as mart female employee 2
  • Jun In-kul as employee of management company
  • Kwak Byung-kyu as lead detective

Unofficial remakes[edit]

Two South Indian films have been made whose plots have close resemblance to Handphone, but they are not officially credited as remakes. The films are Chaappa Kurish (lit. "Heads or Tails"; Malayalam; 2011), Pulivaal ("Tail of Tiger"; Tamil; 2014) [6]


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