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Handy Dan Home Improvement was an American home improvement store based out of New Jersey. It went out of business in May, 1989.[1]

Bernard Marcus was CEO of Handy Dan in 1978 when he was fired along with company vice president Arthur Blank amid a corporate power struggle with Sanford C. Sigoloff, who led Handy Dan's owner at the time, Daylin Inc. Marcus and Blank went on to found Home Depot.[1]

Daylin was purchased by W. R. Grace and Company in 1979.[2] In 1986, Grace's retail home improvement division, which included Handy Dan and Channel Home Centers, was sold to the division's executives through a leveraged buyout.[3]

Handy Dan played a major role in getting Texas's religion-based blue laws repealed in 1984 by opening on Sunday and using white price stickers for goods that could be sold seven days a week, and blue price stickers for items that could not be sold on Sunday. [4]


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