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Hanebado! volume 1 cover.jpg
Cover of Hanebado! volume 1 by Kodansha
GenreSports (badminton)
Written byKōsuke Hamada
Published byKodansha
Magazinegood! Afternoon
Original run2013 – present
Volumes14 (List of volumes)
Written byYūichi Mochizuki
Illustrated byKōsuke Hamada
Published byKodansha
PublishedJune 29, 2018
Anime television series
Directed byShinpei Ezaki
Written byTaku Kishimoto
Music byTatsuya Kato
StudioLiden Films
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, KTV, BS11, AT-X
Original run July 2, 2018 October 1, 2018
Episodes13 (List of episodes)
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Hanebado! (はねバド!), also known as The Badminton Play of Ayano Hanesaki! or Hanebad!, is a Japanese sports manga series by Kōsuke Hamada. It has been serialized in Kodansha's seinen manga magazine good! Afternoon since 2013 and has been collected in fourteen tankōbon volumes.[1] An anime television series adaptation by Liden Films aired from July 2018 to October 2018.[2]


In the sporting world of badminton, Uchika Hanesaki was a reigning champion. Her daughter Ayano would follow her mother and trained with Uchika for many years. One day in her middle school Ayano caught a cold before an important badminton match and subsequently lost, causing Uchika to leave her and Ayano to be raised by her grandparents. Her mother leaving resulted in Ayano being depressed and stopped playing badminton at a competitive level. Now as Ayano is in her first year in high school, she is recruited by former player Kentarō Tachibana to join the badminton club. While there, she learns to overcome her fears from playing badminton again.


Kitakomachi High School[edit]

Ayano Hanesaki (羽咲 綾乃, Hanesaki Ayano)
Voiced by: Hitomi Ōwada[1] (Japanese); Amber Lee Connors[3] (English)
A first year in high school and a shy badminton player. When she is spoken to, Elena often comes on her side. In one instance; When Kentarō was scouting for badminton members to join the team's club, while he saw Ayano climbed up a tree.
Nagisa Aragaki (荒垣 なぎさ, Aragaki Nagisa)
Voiced by: Miyuri Shimabukuro[1] (Japanese); Dawn M. Bennett[4] (English)
A third year in high school and the team's badminton captain.
Riko Izumi (泉 理子, Izumi Riko)
Voiced by: Yuuna Mimura[5] (Japanese); Jill Harris[6] (English)
A third year in high school and the team's vice-captain.
Elena Fujisawa (藤沢 エレナ, Fujisawa Erena)
Voiced by: Konomi Kohara[5] (Japanese); Sarah Wiedenheft[6] (English)
A first year in high school and the badminton club's manager as well as Ayano's childhood friend, and classmate.
Kentarō Tachibana (立花 健太郎, Tachibana Kentarō)
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto[7] (Japanese); Kyle Igneczi[6] (English)
The coach of the women's badminton club.
Miyako Tarōmaru (太郎丸 美也子, Tarōmaru Miyako)
Voiced by: Mikako Komatsu[8] (Japanese); Katelyn Barr[6] (English)
The badminton club's advisor.

Konan High School[edit]

Kaoruko Serigaya (芹ヶ谷 薫子, Serigaya Kaoruko)
Voiced by: Asami Shimoda[9] (Japanese); Mikaela Krantz[6] (English)
Ayano's rival during their middle school days and a member of the Konan High School badminton club.

Fredericia Girls High School[edit]

Connie Christensen (コニー・クリステンセン, Konī Kurisutensen)
Voiced by: Mariya Ise[9] (Japanese); Ariel Graham[6] (English)
A badminton player from Denmark, who was trained by Uchika Hanesaki and a member of the Fredericia girls badminton club. She meets Ayano by a river, after she ran away from the training camp. They went by a flower shop to look around. When Ayano's phone rang, she overheard her name on the phone, which surprised Conny.
Yuika Shiwahime (志波姫 唯華, Shiwahime Yuika)
Voiced by: Ai Kayano[9] (Japanese); Mallorie Rodak[6] (English)
A third year and the captain of a rival high school badminton club, Fredericia.

Zushi Sogo High School[edit]

Nozomi Ishizawa (石澤 望, Ishizawa Nozomi)
Voiced by: Arisa Sakuraba[9] (Japanese); Lynsey Hale[6] (English)
She was Riko's middle school friend and a semifinalist from a past badminton tournament.


Uchika Hanesaki (羽咲 有千夏, Hanesaki Uchika)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ōhara[8] (Japanese); Colleen Clinkenbeard[6] (English)
A retired badminton champion and Ayano's mother. Before she retired, her name was Uchika Shindo.



Written and illustrated by Kōsuke Hamada, Hanebado! is being serialized in the manga anthology good! Afternoon since June 7, 2013.[2] The chapters are being collected and released in the tankōbon format by Kodansha. As of November 22, 2018, so far 14 volumes were released.

No.TitleRelease date ISBN
1Hanebado! (1) (はねバド! (1))October 13, 2013[10]ISBN 978-4-06-387927-8
  • 1st Rally Osananajimi no Hanesaki Ayano Desu (幼馴染みの羽咲綾乃です少年の誓い)
  • 2nd Rally Ga-Gaikokujin da (が…外国人だ――…!)
  • 3rd Rally Hitori Ja nai n da kara (1人じゃないんだから) 
  • 4th Rally Amasu Koto Naku (あます事なく)  
At Kitakomachi High School, Kentarō Tachibana, the badminton club's coach met with the rest of the club and asked, if anyone joined. But Riko Izumi told Kentarō that they all left, for various reasons. Kentarō walks out of the gym and witness Ayano Hanesaki running up a tree to grab a handkerchief that was resting there. He asked her to join the badminton club. Later the badminton club arrives at a training camp, which the members of the Fredericia Girls High School were practicing at. Kentarō asks Ayano to play in a match, but she runs away. Ayano is relaxing by a river and was greeted by a girl. They walked around and got to a flower shop. The girl overheard Ayano's name when her phone rang. The rest of her badminton club arrived to take Ayano back to the gym. A match starts between Ayano and Riko facing Connie Christensen (who Ayano was with at the flower shop) and Hina Tagajo. Who calls Ayano her "older sister." As the practice match drags on. Connie and Hina are exhausted from returning the serves and quit the match. Connie felt depressed and Yuika Shiwahime, the Fredericia Girls badminton captain talked to her.
2Hanebado! (2) (はねバド! (2))February 7, 2014[11]ISBN 978-4-06-387955-1
  • 5th Rally Watashi ni Aini Kite (私に会いにきて)
  • 6th Rally Kitakomachi no Eesu (北小町のS1)
  • 7th Rally Fuchō no Genin (不調の原因)
  • 8th Rally Da kara Issho ni Ikō (だから一緒に行こう)
  • 9th Rally Uchi no Buin nan da kara (ウチの部員なんだから)
As the training camp ended, Connie speaks to Ayano more about her mother, Uchika Hanesaki. The next time they meet again. The next day at practice, Kentarō asks where Ayano is. Nagisa Aragaki; the badminton captain and Riko went with Kentarō to find her around school. Then finally to her house, and found out she was raised into a badminton family. Riko tells Ayano to go to the classroom. While Kentarō speaks to the club about a strategy for an upcoming tournament, and pairs up Ayano and Nagisa in a team. But working as a team seems hard. Kentarō switches out Nagisa for Riko and Ayano was able to read Riko's body movements to serve it back. Which Nagisa was lacking on and left practice. At night she came back and Kentarō wanted to have a match with her. When Miyako Tarōmaru, the team's advisor told them to go home. Ayano wanted a match with Nagisa, but after a serve. She scolds her and Ayano runs away. Nagisa chases after Ayano until she jumps into the river and Nagisa pulls her out.
3Hanebado! (3) (はねバド! (3))July 7, 2014[12]ISBN 978-4-06-387983-4
  • 10th Rally Sonna Mono Imasen wa (そんなものいませんわ)
  • 11th Rally Kaoruko Serigaya (去り際 香る子, Sarigiwa Kaoruko)
  • 12th Rally Makechatta Kara (負けちゃったから)
  • 13th Rally Hitori ja nai na (一人じゃないな)
  • 14th Rally Natsu no Taikai ga Hajimaru (夏の大会が始まる)
  • 15th Rally Zuru Gashikoku Yaranakya (ズル賢くやらなきゃ)
  • 16th Rally Shudō-ken wo Watashi ni (主導権を私に)
Riko, Ayano, and Elena Fujisawa, Ayano's best friend went to visit Nagisa, who has a cold at home. While Ayano doesn't want to visit Nagisa, because it reminded her of someone. After visiting Nagisa, the gang stops by a beach and saw a girl shouting at the ocean. The next day Riko asks Ayano who was that girl, Kaoruko Serigaya, an old middle school badminton rival. Who got Ayano sick with a cold. Kaoruko unsuspectingly shows up at Kitakomachi to challenge Ayano and easily wins against her. Ayano runs away again and Kentarō finds her. She tells a story that her mother left Ayano behind with her grandparents. Because she lost to Kaoruko in middle school and had a cold. The upcoming badminton tournament begins as Ayano, Riko, and Nagisa won their matches. Until Kaoruko is facing against Ayano and gives a handkerchief to her, which Ayano accepts it. The match starts with Ayano using an intimidating look in her eyes to win a one sided match against Kaoruko.
4Hanebado! (4) (はねバド! (4))November 7, 2014[13]ISBN 978-4-06-388008-3
  • 17th Rally Mini Tsukete Shimatta (身に付けてしまった)
  • 18th Rally Fusawashī Basho (ふさわしい場所)
  • 19th Rally Aenai (会えない)
  • 20th Rally Natsu ga Chikazuku (夏が近づく)
  • Extra edition Nippon ni kita yo (日本に来たよ)
Ayano won the match against Kaoruko by her serving back and not going over the net. She runs outside of the gym as Miki Sasashita tried to talk to Kaoruko. Ayano is taken away in a car by Viggo Kierkegaard to a badminton venue. Because she can see her mother again. Before Nagisa stopped her from leaving, while Kentarō asks what's going on? As they gotten to the new venue, Ayano is facing against an opponent named Luo Xiaoli. Riko lost her match to Nozomi Ishizawa. Kentarō and Nagisa left the tournament to find Ayano and bring her back. But Viggo suggested to wait until the match with Ayano and Luo is finished. Which Ayano won against Luo, but her real name is Wang Lixiao, the number one ranked badminton player. Ayano wanted to finish the current badminton tournament first. Then decide on Viggo's offer, about training better and reaching the Olympics.
The "extra edition" tells about Connie Christensen arriving in Japan from Denmark and meeting her teammates, the members of the Fredericia badminton club.
5Hanebado! (5) (はねバド! (5))April 7, 2015[14]ISBN 978-4-06-387983-4
  • 21st Rally Watashi ga Chousensha Dayo (私が挑戦者だよ)
  • 22nd Rally Ichinen Buri (一年ぶり)
  • 23rd Rally Atashi Nara (アタシなら)
  • 24th Rally Ima Iku (いま行く)
  • 25th Rally Anta no Mayoi da (アンタの迷いだ)
Nagisa is preparing before the semifinal match with Nozomi from Zushi Sogo High School. At school, a man was asking for directions. When some sport news reporters assisted him. Nagisa goes on a short jog and meets Riko and her siblings. The man was working in a garden and is Shintaro Hanesaki, Ayano's father. As Uchika was nearby and surprised by Shintaro saying her name. While Ayano left the tournament. The news about her winning a mock match with Wang Lixiao, surprised everyone in the badminton club, especially Nagisa. The semifinal match has begin with Nagisa facing against Nozomi. Nozomi's coach has a strategy for her to follow, which throws off Nagisa's strategy. To the point where Nozomi is getting yelled at, when the interval began. After a long match Nozomi lost and her coach felt he was too strict on her. Then the final match of the tournament is Ayano and Nagisa.
6Hanebado! (6) (はねバド! (6))September 7, 2015[15]ISBN 978-4-06-388008-3
  • 26th Rally Imasara (今更)
  • 27th Rally Aru Asobi (ある遊び)
  • 28th Rally Tanoshī! (楽しい!)
  • 29th Rally Auto Nan da (アウトなんだ)
  • 30th Rally Ato Itten (あと1点)
The final match of the tournament begins, as Ayano and Nagisa are evenly matched in the first round, in Ayano's favor. Akemi Matsukawa, a sports journalist. Remembers about Uchika manage to win many badminton tournaments, married Shintaro, having a child, and Ayano becoming a prodigy. While growing up, Ayano was trained by Uchika. But she had an injury by running into the side of the net pole. A fear Uchika didn't want to risk. The second round starts and is evenly matched.
7Hanebado! (7) (はねバド! (7))February 5, 2016[16]ISBN 978-4-06-388116-5
  • 31st Rally Fainaru Gēmu (ファイナルゲーム)
  • 32nd Rally Shiroobi no Mukō ni Mieru (白帯の向こうに見える)
  • 33rd Rally Kitto Doko kade (きっとどこかで)
  • 34th Rally Ima Kara Hajimeru (今から始める)
  • 35th Rally Daremo Shiranai (誰も知らない)
The second round is won by Nagisa. Kentarō tells Ayano to calm down. The third round begins and Ayano thinks she can win, but for the last match point. She throws her racket to the ground and unable to return the serve. The last round is won by Nagisa and the tournament. Ayano is exhausted from the match and woke up resting from a bench. When Shintaro greeted her and she ran to Nagisa to ask for a match again. At the hospital Nagisa has Patellar tendinitis and has withdrawn from the club to recover. Since the badminton tournament ended and Elena wants to substitute in for her. For the next upcoming badminton tournament. Elena wins over her first opponent, but her second opponent, Emi Hashizume from Yokohama Shouei High School won against her.
8Hanebado! (8) (はねバド! (8))August 5, 2016[17]ISBN 978-4-06-388165-3
  • 36th Rally Kōken (貢献)
  • 37th Rally Watashi ga Mamoru Kara (私が守るから)
  • 38th Rally Nasubeki Koto (為すべき事)
  • 39th Rally Zutto Watashi no... (ずっと私の…)
  • 40th Rally C Tokutai (C特待)
Emi's badminton coach greeted Nozomi's coach. As Nozomi speaks to her coach, he got nervous. Nozomi leaves the gym to find Nagisa resting by a bench and asked about her injury. Then asks about how similar strategies Ayano and Emi uses. The next match is in pairs, Ayano and Riko is facing against Emi and Mizuki Shigemori. Emi and Mizuki comes up with an idea to extend the serve. To exhaust Ayano and Riko's energy. The next interval began, Ayano and Riko finds a new strategy against them. They won, as the next match is starting. Ayano is against Mizuki and easily wins. While Riko is against Emi.
9Hanebado! (9) (はねバド! (9))December 7, 2016[18]ISBN 978-4-06-388221-6
  • 41st Rally Makeruna (負けるな)
  • 42nd Rally Kiseki Datte (奇跡だって)
  • 43rd Rally Shūgō (集合)
  • 44th Rally Kosei (個性)
  • 45th Rally Tokkun (特訓)
The match started and the interval shortly begins. As Emi thinks she is on the same playing level as Nagisa. But Riko heard about it and soon wins against her. At the end of the day everyone goes home. Nozomi's coach greets Kentarō and chats with him. Mizuki and Emi speaks to each other about losing the tournament. Nagisa and Riko got lost going back home, by getting off at the wrong train stop. When Miyako seen them and brought them near their home. Ayano got a call from Connie to go see Uchika, but she declines. Uchika speaks to the Fredericia Girls, that she will be their coach. Then she asked Connie, are you continuing the sport after graduating high school? Or doing something else. At the semifinals of the tournament Kitakomachi lost to Konan, while in the finals Konan lost to Zushi Sogo. Later, Nagisa and Riko retires from playing badminton and will assist the club. Kaoruko visits Ayano at her house to have a match at the gym. As they begin, Ayano wavers about how Uchika left and hasn't been around for two years. Kaoruko tells her to stop over thinking it, as the match is interrupted and Ayano began to sleep. She started to dream about her and Uchika playing badminton together, back when she was younger. Ayano woke up, as Kaoruko was surprised by her remark about Ayano's changed personally. Later Ayano went to Viggo unannounced and asks him to train her. Ayano and Viggo went to Kitakomachi to talk to Ayano's badminton club. Uchika wants to train with Connie, but she declines and ran away thinking about living together with her and Ayano.
10Hanebado! (10) (はねバド! (10))May 1, 2017[19]ISBN 978-4-06-388254-4
  • 46th Rally San kyō (三強)
  • 47th Rally Rui Mashiko (益子泪, Mashiko Rui)
  • 48th Rally Haru no Ōja (春の王者)
  • 49th Rally Tanoshimu Tame no Junbi (楽しむ為の準備)
  • 50th Rally Hajime no Ichi (はじめの1)
11Hanebado! (11) (はねバド! (11))October 6, 2017[20]ISBN 978-4-06-388291-9
  • 51st Rally Sentakushi (選択肢)
  • 52nd Rally Sakusen (作戦)
  • 53rd Rally Furui Tokei (古い時計)
  • 54th Rally Sui Mashiko (益子推, Mashiko Sui)
  • 55th Rally Tsumiageta Hibi (積み上げた日々)
12Hanebado! (12) (はねバド! (12))March 7, 2018[21]ISBN 978-4-06-511097-3
  • 56th Rally Kachimake (勝ち負け)
  • 57th Rally Chigau Me (違う目)
  • 58th Rally Jishin no Konkyo (自信の根拠)
  • 59th Rally Sekai Reberu (世界レベル)
  • 60th Rally Suki Dakara (好きだから)
13Hanebado! (13) (はねバド! (13))July 6, 2018[22]ISBN 978-4-06-511877-1
  • 61st Rally Iki Dekinai (息できない)
  • 62nd Rally Genkai wo Koeta Chikara (限界を超えた力)
  • 63rd Rally Besuto 4 (ベスト4)
  • 64th Rally Nokosareta Jikan (残された時間)
14Hanebado! (14) (はねバド! (14))November 22, 2018[23]ISBN 978-4-06-513446-7
  • 65th Rally Yoyū Shika Nai (余裕しかない)
  • 66th Rally Seotteru Mono (背負ってるもの)
  • 67th Rally Kōi (好意)
  • 68th Rally Moshimo (もしも)
  • 69th Rally Itsutsume no Kurosu Faia (5つ目のクロスファイア)


A novel was released on June 29, 2018. The story begins a year before the events in the manga.[2]

No.Release date ISBN
1 June 29, 2018[24]ISBN 978-4-06-512573-1
  • Prologue Hayaku saka ba hayaku chiru (早く咲かば早く散る)
  • 1. Aru Nichijō no Hajimari (ある日常の始まり)
  • 2. Shōjo no Hibi (少女の日々)
  • 3. Sono mebae (その芽生え)
  • 4. Yakusoku (約束)
  • Epilogue Sorezore no Ibasho (それぞれの居場所)


An anime television series adaptation aired from July 2[a] to October 1, 2018, on Tokyo MX and other channels.[25] It ran for 13 episodes.[26] The series is directed by Shinpei Ezaki and written by Taku Kishimoto, with animation by Liden Films. Satoshi Kimura provided the character designs, and Tatsuya Kato composed the music. The opening theme is "Futari no Hane" (ふたりの羽根) by Yurika, and the ending theme is "High Stepper" (ハイステッパー, Hai Suteppā) by Yuiko Ōhara.[27]

The production was affected by the 2018 Hokkaido earthquake: the photography studio is located in Sapporo and was without power following the earthquake, making it impossible for the staff to continue working until electricity is fully restored. As a result, episode 11 of the show was delayed, with a new broadcast date yet to be decided.[28] The show resumed on September 17, 2018 after being delayed for a week.[29]

The series were simulcast worldwide outside Asia by Crunchyroll with English subtitles, and in North America, the British Isles and Australasia by Funimation with an English dub.[30]


The manga series has over 1.6 million volumes in print.[31]


  1. ^ Tokyo MX listed the show at 24:00 on July 1, which is at midnight on July 2, 2018.


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