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 AG9   SP9   MR4 
Hang Tuah
Rapid KL (brand)
Light rapid transit (LRT) and monorail station
Main Entrance of Hang Tuah LRT & Monorail Station.jpg
Signage above the main entrance to the station concourse
Other names汉都亚 (Chinese)
ஹங் துஅஹ் (Tamil)
LocationJalan Hang Tuah
55200 WP Kuala Lumpur
Coordinates3°8′24″N 101°42′21″E / 3.14000°N 101.70583°E / 3.14000; 101.70583
Owned bySyarikat Prasarana Negara
Operated byRapidKL
Line(s) 3  Ampang Line
 4  Sri Petaling Line
 8  KL Monorail
Platforms4 side platforms
Tracks2 (Ampang Line & Sri Petaling Line)
2 (KL Monorail)
ConnectionsIntegrative station between  AG9 ,  SP9  and  MR4 .
Structure type AG9   SP9  Subsurface
 MR4  Elevated
Platform levels3
ParkingNot available
Other information
Station code AG9   SP9   MR4 
Opened AG9   SP9  16 December 1996
 MR4  31 August 2003
Preceding station   Rapid KL   Following station
toward Sentul Timur
Ampang Line
toward Ampang
toward Sentul Timur
Sri Petaling Line
towards KL Sentral
KL Monorail
towards Titiwangsa

Hang Tuah station is an interchange station in the Pudu district of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between the Ampang and Sri Petaling Lines (formerly known as STAR) and the KL Monorail. Seamless physical and fare integration was achieved on 1 March 2012 when the "paid-up" or restricted areas of both the LRT and monorail stations, which previously operated as two separate stations, were linked up, allowing passengers to transfer without needing to buy new tickets for the first time since the monorail became operational in 2003.

Located on the northwestern tip of Pudu, the station is in the vicinity of the Methodist Boys School, Victoria Institution, the former Pudu Prison, the Hang Tuah police station and the National Stadium.


Hang Tuah LRT station[edit]

The LRT station was formed in 1996 with the completion of the Hang Tuah LRT station, a rapid transit station along a reused stretch of a long abandoned railway line, used by STAR (now Ampang Line) trains traveling along the Ampang-bound line or the Putra Heights-bound line. The station was one of the first 13 STAR rapid transit stations to open in the city, part of "Phase I" of "System I".[1] The surface level station consists of two sheltered platforms connected to a sheltered ticketing concourse above, linked only via staircases, and exiting to Jalan Hang Tuah.

Hang Tuah KL Monorail station[edit]

The area saw the addition of the Hang Tuah KL Monorail station, a separate station that provides access to Kuala Lumpur Monorail (KL Monorail) services, with the opening of the line on August 31, 2003. The station, like virtually all other KL Monorail stations, is elevated and built over Jalan Hang Tuah, but was not initially directly integrated to the nearby existing LRT station until 2012. The station had two exits that lead to either side of the road, and is adjacent to and located northeast from the LRT station. The station is only accessible via stairways and escalators. The station's length is also longer in comparison to certain KL Monorail stations.

The Hang Tuah monorail station is one of four Kuala Lumpur Monorail stations that serves the Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle locality, the other three being the Raja Chulan station, the Bukit Bintang station and the Imbi station. The station is also one of two KL Monorail stations that is designated as an interchange to and from the Ampang Line and Sri Petaling Line, the other being the Titiwangsa station.

Integrated Hang Tuah Station[edit]

The proximity of the monorail station with the LRT station meant both stations are designated in transit maps as interchange stations between the two lines, and is subsequently use heavily primarily to reach Bukit Bintang and surrounding areas via the monorail line from the Ampang Line and the Sri Petaling Line. Since 2013, the two stations have been physically linked so it is no longer required to exit one station or to use the public sidewalk outside the station to reach the other station or to change lines (monorail to LRT or vice versa).

Station layout[edit]

The platforms of the LRT station was significantly revamped and remodelled when the station was physically linked to the nearby monorail station in 2012. These platforms seen here have also been lengthened to accommodate longer trains. The elevated KL Monorail's station is located northeast to the LRT station. The concourse of the stations are located at the street level and level 1 respectively.

L2 KL Monorail Station Platform Level Side platform
Platform 1  8  KL Monorail towards  MR11  Titiwangsa (→)
Platform 2  8  KL Monorail towards  MR1  KL Sentral (←)
Side platform
L1 KL Monorail Station Concourse Faregates, Ticketing Machines, KL Monorail Station Control, Staircase Linkway between Platforms, Unpaid Area Escalator to/from Street Level
Transfer Linkway Transfer Linkway between Ampang and Sri Petaling Line and KL Monorail Concourses, Escalator and Stairs from/to Ampang Line and Sri Petaling Line Concourse
G LRT Ampang Line and Sri Petaling Line Concourse Ticketing Machines, Faregates and Exit to Jalan Hang Tuah, Station Control, Staircase and Escalator to/from KL Monorail Concourse
Street Level Jalan Hang Tuah, Shops, Bus Stop, Taxi Lay-by, Pedestrian Crossing
LG LRT Ampang Line and Sri Petaling Line Platform Level Side platform
Platform 1  3  4  Ampang and Sri Petaling Lines common route towards  AG1  SP1  Sentul Timur (→)
Platform 2  3  Ampang Line towards  AG18  Ampang or  4  Sri Petaling Line towards  SP31  Putra Heights (←)
Side platform

Connection to MRT[edit]

Though not an interchange, Hang Tuah station is located close to the  SBK17  Merdeka MRT station and is accessible by a 600-metre walk. Merdeka MRT station itself is integrated with  SP8  AG8  Plaza Rakyat LRT station.

Around the station[edit]

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  1. ^ System I referred to the rapid transit concession operated by STAR, while System II referred to the rapid transit operated by PUTRA. Phase I of System I referred to the stretch of rapid transit line from the Ampang station to Sultan Ismail station. Phase II referred to the branch line from Chan Sow Lin station to the Sri Petaling station as well as the extension from Sultan Ismail station to Sentul Timur station.