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Hang in there, Baby was a popular catchphrase made by a motivational poster. The poster featured a picture of a small kitten, hanging on to a tree branch.[1] It has since become a popular relic of the 1970s. A copy of the poster was famously presented to Spiro Agnew by 100 of his supporters in Congress when he was under pressure to resign in 1973.[2]

In popular culture[edit]

  • The animated series "Drawn Together", season two, episode eight: "Terms of Endearment". Captain hero uses xray vision to see through the poster on the wall in order to spy on Foxy and Clara.
  • In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the human Resistance uses "Hang in there, Baby!" as a motto. One scene features the original poster, another features a lion gnawing on a Terminator skull, and the phrase itself is repeated throughout the show. A group of time traveling Resistance fighters led by Derek Reese also use one of the original posters to hide a safe containing weapons and money in their apartment.
  • In the 2003 film The Cat in the Hat, The Cat (played by Mike Myers) hosts a "cooking show" and shows off his "Kupkake-inator." Near the end of the "show" he cuts his tail off and yells "SON OF A BI-!" The last part of the phrase is truncated and replaced by a screen which says "Hang in there baby".
  • On the TV show Becker, during the episode "Amanda Moves Out," to help Becker character give up smoking, Linda put up a poster of a small orange kitty with the caption "Hang in There, Baby!" Becker later suggests the same to his nurse. After he almost relapses, Linda says, "I know a small kitty at the office who's going to be very disappointed."
  • In the film The Hangover Part 3, Asian crime boss Leslie Chao uses the poster to cover the entrance to the escape tunnel dug in his cell. The prison commandant who uncovers it during the riot incited by Chao to screen his escape is less than happy.
  • In the fourth episode of Survivor: Cagayan, contestant J'Tia Taylor referenced this poster in an interview and compared herself to the famous cat.
  • On the TV show "That 70's Show", during the episode "Stone Cold Crazy", Jackie is seen setting up the original poster in the house she and Fez will live in.
  • In the film Drag Me To Hell, the poster "Hang in There, Baby!" can be seen in Christine Brown's room.


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