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For the video game developer, see Hangar 13 (company).

Hanger 13 was a Scottish hardcore rave venue in Ayr, Scotland. Situated in the former Pavilion dance hall situated on Ayr's Low Green. During the early 1990s, raves situated at this old Pavilion became the target of much police and media interest after three alleged ecstasy-related deaths occurred.[1]

The club was eventually shut down, although there was a "unity campaign" to keep the venue open. The deaths may have been due to the use of more dangerous dance drugs such as PMA rather than MDMA.[2] Other factors included overheating, lack of drinking water and other amenities at these often ad hoc, unlicensed events. The tragic events that happened at Hangar 13 precipitated an amendment to the law that licences were required for the safeguarding of the health and safety of those attending similar events.[3]

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