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Hanger River (also transliterated Angar River) is a river in west central Ethiopia. It is a west-flowing tributary of the Didessa River, itself a tributary of the Blue Nile (also called the Abay River in Ethiopia). The Hanger enters the Didessa approximately halfway between the town of Nek'emte and the village of Cherari at a latitude and longitude of 9°35′N 36°2′E / 9.583°N 36.033°E / 9.583; 36.033Coordinates: 9°35′N 36°2′E / 9.583°N 36.033°E / 9.583; 36.033.

Tributaries of the Hanger include the Wajja, Alata, and Ukke rivers.

Father António Fernandes was the first European recorded to have seen the Hanger, crossing the river in 1613 as he sought a way south from Ethiopia to Malindi.[1]


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