Hangmen Motorcycle Club

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Hangmen Motorcycle Club
Hangmen Motorcycle Club.jpg
Founded 1960
Location Richmond, California
Founder Ray Aho
Type Outlaw motorcycle club
Region USA, Germany
Website www.hangmenmc.org

The Hangmen Motorcycle Club is an outlaw motorcycle club[1] founded in Richmond, California in 1960.[2] The word outlaw carries a specific meaning which does not necessarily imply criminal intent, but rather means the club is not sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and does not adhere to the AMA's rules, but instead, the club enforces a set of bylaws on its members that derive from the values of the outlaw biker culture.[3] The colors are black and gold, and the logo is a noose, they have Chapters all over the Western US and one in Germany.

Hangmen MC is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.[4]

Hangmen MC was established by a group of friends who rode motorcycles together. With the increase of outlaw motorcycle clubs in the State of California, they decided to establish their own motorcycle club and make their mark in history. Founder Ray Aho named the club Hangmen MC.[5] There were 12 charter members when the club was formed.

Biker artist David Mann, an illustrator renowned for his work for a motorcycle magazine called Easyriders[6] created three paintings about the Hangmen Motorcycle Club: "Untitled"[7] "Tijuana Jail Break",[8] and "El Forastero New Year's Party".[9]


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