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Hangry & Angry-f
Hangry & Angry 20091031 Chibi Japan Expo 010.jpg
Hangry & Angry at Japan Expo 2009 in Paris, France.
Background information
Also known as hANGRY & ANGRY, HANGRY & ANGRY
Origin Japan[clarification needed]
Years active Since 2008; 9 years ago (2008)
Associated acts
Website hangryandangry-f.com
Members Hitomi Yoshizawa
Rika Ishikawa

Hangry & Angry-f (stylized as HANGRY & ANGRY-f, previously known as hANGRY & ANGRY) is a Japanese female pop and rock duo created in 2008, consisting of former Morning Musume members Hitomi Yoshizawa ("Hangry") and Rika Ishikawa ("Angry").[1]

The duo is a collaboration with a Harajuku fashion store,[clarification needed] which sells fashion designer h.Naoto's mascot kittens of the same name. The band serves to promote stuffed toys and various other products from the store.[2]


The duo was officially announced via the opening of their MySpace account in October 2008. The page drew 100,000 views within four days, and quickly reached one million views.

Their first mini-album, Kill Me Kiss Me, was released simultaneously in Japan and South Korea on 19 November 2008.

It was not initially revealed who the two girls really were, though fans quickly recognized them and they later revealed themselves to be Yoshizawa and Ishikawa.[3]

As of 2009, the duo became known as Hangry & Angry-f, the "f" referring their new future style of white costumes.

In April 2009, they made their overseas debut at Sakura-Con, in Seattle, Washington, performing as the headline act.



# Title Release date Album type
1 Kill Me Kiss Me[4] 19 November 2008 mini-album
1 Sadistic Dance[5] 18 November 2009 studio album


# Title Release date
1 "Kill Me Kiss Me" 10 October 2008
2 "Top Secret"[6]
11 November 2009
3 "Reconquista" 2 July 2011

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