Hangu, Pakistan

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Hangu is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Location in Pakistan
Hangu is located in Pakistan
Hangu (Pakistan)
Coordinates: 33°32′N 71°04′E / 33.53°N 71.06°E / 33.53; 71.06Coordinates: 33°32′N 71°04′E / 33.53°N 71.06°E / 33.53; 71.06
ProvinceKhyber Pakhtunkhwa
Area code(s)0925

Hangu (Pashto: هنګو‎) is a town in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is the principal city of the Hangu District. The central of Hangu city named Hangu Bazar.[clarification needed] Hangu valley is mainly inhabited by the Bangash.


Various public and private schools and colleges exist in Hangu district. A campus of the Agriculture University was to be built in Hangu, but the project is still pending, as the funds were allegedly transferred to Charsadda by the ANP provincial government. Recently the government degree college hangu start BS Hons 4-year program under Kohat University of Science and Technology. There are two government high schools for boys and two for girls in Hangu. The first government high school was built in 1935 in British era. Two Government Degree colleges for boys and girls and a number of Private institutes are serving well to promoting the education in the area.[citation needed]

One government high school in Hangu is the Government High School Ibrahim Zai, which was renamed after a teenager who saved it from a suicide bomber, and lost his life in the process.[1] And there is a high school named Tameer e Millat High school Hangu for boys and girls located in Madras a road sangerh Hangu.[2]


The name Hangu may have originated from Chinese travelers. Hangu is also the name of a place in China, and since many Chinese travelers have passed through the area for centuries, it is possible that travelers, like Hiuen Tsang, saw some similarities with their own region and thus named it 'Hangu'.[3]. But there are also two graves of Sahabas (Companions of Muhammad) in the village of Darsamand Tehsil Tall, which is verified by many Scholars (Ulama) especially Sheikh UL Hadees Molana Hasan Jan Shaheed. The Handu Hanjo a member of minority family derived the for it city.


On 22 August 2008, sixteen militants (including two Chechens) were killed by Pakistani security forces in a skirmish at Hangu when security forces opened fire on their explosive-laden vehicle at a security checkpoint. One of the militants was arrested. One policeman and a member of the security forces were injured in the explosion. It was later discovered that the militants came from Darra Adamkhel, a town between Peshawar and Kohat with a thriving arms industry.[4]

On 10 December 2010 a suicide bomber killed eleven people (including two policemen, a woman and a child) and injured another twenty-two. The attack occurred near Al-Zahra hospital which was under construction.[5]

On 27 May 2011, 28 people were killed and another 55 injured when a suicide bomber exploded his vehicle at a checkpoint in the Hangu bazaar. Among the victims were four policemen. The explosion inflicted heavy damage to the offices of the Hangu police chief and special branch, the city police station, seventeen shops, three restaurants and a branch of the National Bank. The press was contacted by a Taliban spokesman claiming responsibility for the attack.[6]

On Thursday, 23 August 2012 militants opened fire on a police van, killing three officers and injuring another two. It was suspected that the Taliban was behind the attack.[7]

On Sunday, 26 January 2014, six children were killed in a toy-bomb explosion.[8]


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