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Hangzhou High School (or Hangzhou Senior High School)
Hangzhou, Zhejiang
 People's Republic of China
Type Public
Motto Science, Democracy, Truth, Creativity (科学、民主、求真、创新)
Established 1899
Headmaster Xiaoxiong Cai 蔡小雄
Enrollment 1728
Average class size 48
Campus Urban

Hangzhou High School (Chinese: 浙江省杭州高级中学), or Hangzhou Senior High School, established in 1899, is one of the most famous high schools in Southern China. It was the earliest-founded public high school in Zhejiang Province. There are 46 academicians who graduated from the institution.

“Hangzhou High School” has two campus, the Gong Yuan Campus at 238, Fengqi Road, and the Qian Jiang Campus at 1958 East Zhijiang Road. The Qian Jiang Campus started operating in September, 2015.[1] This new campus including the "International Division", which provide AP Courses to students.[2]

Hanggao also participates in several international exchange programs with high schools oversea. There is Dover-Sherborn Exchange with Dover-Sherborn High School in Boston, MA.[3]

Club activities[edit]

Hanggao Observatory[edit]

Hanggao Observatory, also known as "Hangzhou High School Astronomy Club" or HGOB, is the student astronomy club. 48700 Hanggao (provisional designation: 1996 HZ21) is a main-belt minor planet. It was discovered through the Beijing Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program at the Xinglong Station in the Yan Mountains of China on April 17, 1996. It is named after Hangzhou High School.

Notable alumni[edit]

Arts and literature[edit]

  • Lu Xun 鲁迅, founding member of modern Chinese literature movement.
  • Li Shutong 李叔同, Buddhist monk, artist and art teacher.
  • Xu Zhimo 徐志摩, renowned poet.
  • Jin Yong 查良镛 (Pen-named as 金庸), an influential Chinese-language novelist.
  • Yu Dafu 郁达夫, short story writer and poet.
  • Li Linsi 厉麟似, renowned educator, diplomat and scholar.
  • Feng Zikai 丰子恺, painter and cartoonist.
  • Pan Tianshou 潘天寿, painter and art educator.
  • Jin Wulun 金吾伦, philosopher and close friend of Jin Yong
  • Qin Benli 钦本立, newspaper editor

Government and politics[edit]

  • Xu Kuangdi 徐匡迪, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Hu Jingyao 胡景耀, Chief scientist of National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Honorary adviser of Hanggao Observatory



  • 1942 - 1946:Cui Dongbo 崔东伯
  • 1984 - 1999: Qi Dong 齐栋
  • 1999 - 2005: Ge Jinfa 葛锦发
  • 2005 - 2010: Miao Shuijuan 缪水娟
  • 2010 - 2017: Shang Ke 尚可
  • 2017 - Present: Xiaoxiong Cai 蔡小雄

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