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Hangzhou Museum
Location18 Liangdaoshan, Shangcheng district, Hangzhou

Hangzhou Museum, formerly "Hangzhou History Museum", is a national first-grade museum in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China[1].


Hangzhou History Museum was established in 2001. It was reconstructed and reopened as Hangzhou Museum on June 9, 2012. Later Hangzhou Museum became a national second-grade museum[2]. On 18 May 2019, it was promoted to a national first-grade museum[1].


The museum primarily showcases the history of Hangzhou. Its permanent collection includes relics from many eras, including works considered to be national treasures. There is a hall dedicated to stamps, and another displaying works of calligraphers and painters from the region as well.[3] The museum has incorporated many elements of modern technology. It also hosts temporary exhibits.[3]

There are hundreds of models of food, including pastries made during the Song Dynasty, 800 years ago[4].

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