Hanina of Sepphoris

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R. Hanina [Hananiah] of Sepphoris [1][2] (or R. Hanina [Hananiah] of Tzipori;[1][2] Hebrew: רבי חנניה דציפורין‎‎, read as Rabbi Hananiah DeTziporin; Sometimes cited merely as R. Hanina [Hananiah];[1] Alternative Hebrew spelling: רבי חנינא דציפורי;[3] other: Hanina (Hananiah) II [1]) was a Jewish Amora sage of the Land of Israel (in Byzantine Galilee at the time), of the fifth generation of the Amora era. He was a disciple of Rabbi Mani II, then head and leader of the Jewish community and the Yeshiva of Sepphoris, but eventually retired in favor of his mentor.[1][2][4]


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