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Hankø Island is located in the Oslo Fjord, Østfold county, Norway. It used to be the property of the Dano-Norwegian king, the site where the king hunted deer. Later an island of retreat, notable visitors are the Norwegian king, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway,and her husband Ari Behn. Their second child, Leah Isadora Behn was born at their estate "Bloksberg" in 2005

Hankø is well known internationally as a venue for the sport of sailing, having hosted several world championships in different yacht classes. It is the host of annual sailing competitions in the summer, drawing international competitors in many classes including the Melgis class. The island has many summer cottages, mainly owned by inhabitants from Oslo (Norway's capital). This is due to the close proximity to the capital. The island is connected to the mainland, at a beautiful place called Vikene, by a ferry, going to and fro as the need arises. There is a hotel on the island with a spa (after recent refurbishment), which is heavily dependent on corporate customers.


In the summer the temperature is usually in the mid 20's (Celsius), and the water temperature can exceed 20 degrees Celsius in July/ August. The winters can be harsh, especially for the deer living on the island year round.


The island stretches north to south for about 6 km. It is divided from the mainland by the Hankøsund, a stretch of water which runs about the length of the island. The north point is called "the north cape", and the southern tip marks the end of the "Hankøsund". The yachting is centered around the "Hankø Yacht Club" which lies in the Hankøsund close to the mainland. This private club has only about 150 members, membership only available upon invitation.

The name[edit]

The name (Old Norse Hanki) is derived from hǫnk f handle. The island was probably considered to be the 'handle' of the greater island Onsøy.

Coordinates: 59°12′33″N 10°46′26″E / 59.2092°N 10.7739°E / 59.2092; 10.7739