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Hank Cramer
Hank Cramer in concert Boscovs 6-4-11.jpg
Concert Reading PA June 4, 2011
Background information
Born 1953
, North Carolina, United States
Genres Country music, folk, sea shanty, Celtic
Occupation(s) Musician, soldier
Instruments Vocals, guitar and Banjo
Years active 1982–present
Labels Ferryboat Music, Skookumchuck Music, Front Range Records
Associated acts Dakota, Victory at Sea, The Rounders, The Cutters, The Ferryboat Musicians, Constellation's Crew
Website HankCramer.com

Hank Cramer (born 1953) is an American folk singer from the Pacific Northwest. He was born an "Army Brat" at Fort Bragg, North Carolina where is father was one of the Army's original "Green Berets". Hank's father, Captain Harry G. Cramer, was killed in Vietnam on October 21, 1957, the first Special Forces soldier to die in that conflict. Hank Cramer began singing professionally during his college days at the University of Arizona (1972-1976). After graduation he was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army, serving 14 years in the Regulars and 14 years in the Army Reserve. The highlight of his military career was a five-year tour with his father's Green Beret unit, the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne). After 9/11, Hank served in Afghanistan as the Senior Signal Corps Advisor to the Afghan National Army. He retired as a lieutenant colonel in 2004.[1]

Hank began a full-time career as a traveling folksinger in 1999. He established a small, co-op music label known as Ferryboat Music, and has organized a number of music instruction camps and festivals. In 2006 Cramer revived the annual Pine Stump Symphony in the Methow Valley of Washington, a music event run by his late father-in-law Ron McLean from 1962 until his death in 1982.[2]

Industry Awards[edit]

  • Heartland Public Radio voted "My Sweet Wyoming Home" in the Top Five Cowboy Songs of 2007
  • Texas Public Radio "Random Routes" voted "Two of a Kind" and "Della & The Dealer" in Top Twenty Songs of 2007
  • Northwest Public Radio "Inland Folk" named "Songs From Maurie's Porch" one of the Top Ten Folk CDs of 2006
  • Humanities Washington presented Hank their annual Performer's award in 2011


Cramer made dozens of recordings. A partial discography is available at:

Specific examples follow.

  • The Captain & The Outlaw (1982) – Hank Cramer with Dakota – Front Range Records
  • West By Northwest (1996) – Skookumchuck Music
  • Live Aboard The Wawona (1998) – Hank Cramer with The Cutters – Skookumchuck Music
  • Days Gone By (1999) – Ferryboat Music
  • Sail Away (2000) – Hank Cramer with The Cutters – Skookumchuck Music
  • Brave Boys! (2001) – Hank Cramer with The Rounders – Ferryboat Music
  • The Road Rolls On (2003) – Ferryboat Music
  • Songs from the USS Constellation (2003) – Hank Cramer & Constellation's Crew – Ferryboat Music
  • If There's One More Song (2004) – Ferryboat Music
  • A Soldier's Songs (2005) – Ferryboat Music
  • Back to Sea (2006) – Hank Cramer & Constellation's Crew – Ferryboat Music
  • Songs From Maurie's Porch (2006) – Ferryboat Music
  • Miner's Songs (2007) – Ferryboat Music
  • Way Out West (2007) – Ferryboat Music
  • Caledonia (2007) – Ferryboat Music
  • An Old Striped Shirt (2008) – Ferryboat Music
  • Open Range (2008)- Ferryboat Music
  • The Shantyman (2008) – Ferryboat Music
  • Loosely Celtic (2008) – Ferryboat Music
  • My Side of the Mountains (2011) – Ferryboat Music
  • Make the Rafters Ring" (2016) - Ferryboat Music


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