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Hank Kanalz
Nationality American
Area(s) Writer, Editor

Hank Kanalz is an American comic book writer and editor.

Kanalz is the Senior Vice President of Vertigo and Integrated Publishing at DC Comics.[1] He was formerly General Manager of the WildStorm brand for DC Comics.


Through the late 1980s and 1990s Kanalz wrote various comics for publishers like DC Comics, but especially Malibu Comics. He designed the iconic "I" symbol for Image Comics,[2] and contributed dialogue and lettering for the first issue of Image's very first comic, Rob Liefeld's Youngblood.[3]

Prior to joining WildStorm in 2004,[4] he held the position of Director of Worldwide Theme Parks for Warner Bros.[5]

He edited the World of Warcraft comic book as well as co-editing the Fringe comic with Ben Abernathy,[6] in addition to his General Manager duties. These duties in 2009 involved making sure the various aspects of the Wildstorm publications, the Wildstorm Universe titles, creator-owned comic books and the comics based on licensed properties are all coming out on time, following some problems and lulls in publications in previous years.[7]


Comics he has written include:


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