Hankasalmi Observatory

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Hankasalmi Observatory
Hankasalmi Observatory.jpg
Organization Jyväskylän Sirius ry
Observatory code A91
Location Hankasalmi, Finland
Coordinates 62°15′17″N 26°35′47″E / 62.25472°N 26.59639°E / 62.25472; 26.59639Coordinates: 62°15′17″N 26°35′47″E / 62.25472°N 26.59639°E / 62.25472; 26.59639
Established 2005 (2005)
Website http://murtoinen.dyndns.org/
unnamed 40 cm Ritchey-Chrétien telescope
unnamed 300 cm radio telescope
Hankasalmi Observatory is located in Finland
Hankasalmi Observatory
Location of Hankasalmi Observatory

Hankasalmi Observatory (Finnish: Hankasalmen observatorio) is a remote-controlled astronomical observatory in Hankasalmi, Finland.