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Hankey Bannister is a blended scotch whisky produced by Inver House Distillers and owned by International Beverage Holdings Ltd. Named after its founders Beaumont Hankey and Hugh Bannister. They made their choice from Lowland grains and Highland and Speyside malt whiskies to create the blend that Hankey Bannister has become famous for.


Founded in 1757, the wines & spirits company first established premises at Johns Street in London’s West End. In 1785 the cellars moved to Adelphi Arches under Adelphi Terrace, London’s first neo-classical building designed by the Adams brothers. The cellars remained there until 1936, at which point the Arches were demolished.

Hankey Bannister & Co was obliged to move thousands of bottles to new storage across the river to Southwark, near the site of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre where, even so, the incendiary bombs found them 4 years later. After moving to 22 St. James Street Hankey Bannister began absorbing a number of other West End firms, acting as an umbrella for various small wine merchants. supplying the Royal Household and many exclusive clubs.

In 1915 Hankey Bannister & Co moved to 32, Sackville Street where it remained until Saccone & Speed purchased the business in 1932 after the passing of Douglas Hankey, (Son of Beaumont Hankey.)

The Distilleries

Hankey Bannister Original contains single malts from all five of the Inver House Distilleries, these are:

1. Pulteney Distillery. - http://www.oldpulteney.com/

2. Balblair Distillery. - http://www.balblair.com

3. anCnoc Distillery. - http://www.ancnoc.com

4. Speyburn Distillery. - http://www.speyburn.com

5. Balmenach Distillery.

Hankey Bannister Whisky Range:

• Hankey Bannister Original Blend

• Hankey Bannister Heritage Blend

• Hankey Bannister The 12 Year Old Regency

• Hankey Bannister The 21 Year Old Partners Reserve

• Hankey Bannister Aged 25 Years

• Hankey Bannister Aged 40 Years

Sponsor/In Popular Culture

Hankey Bannister was a favourite of Prince Regent William IV and the Dukes of Norfolk and Queensberry. The blend received a Royal Warrant under George V. In the 20th Century; Hankey Bannister became a favourite with war-time Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and British writer Evelyn Waugh.[1]


International Wine and Spirit Competition 2017

Hankey Bannister 21 year old - Silver Outstanding

Hankey Bannister Original - Silver

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017

Hankey Bannister Original - Gold

International Spirits Challenge 2017

Hankey Bannister Original – Silver

Hankey Bannister 12 Year Old – Silver

Hankey Bannister Aged 25 Years – Silver

Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2017

Hankey Bannister Original - 87 points

IWSC 2016

Hankey Bannister Original – Silver

Hankey Bannister 12 Years Old – Gold

Hankey Bannister Heritage - Gold

International Spirits Challenge 2016

Hankey Bannister Heritage – Silver

Hankey Bannister Aged 40 Years – Gold

Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016

Hankey Bannister Original - 90 points

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016

Hankey Bannister Original - Gold


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