Hanna's War

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Hanna's War
Hanna's War.jpg
VHS cover
Directed byMenahem Golan
Produced byMenahem Golan
Screenplay byMenahem Golan
Stanley Mann
Based onThe Diaries Of Hanna Senesh
A Great Wind Cometh
by Yoel Palgi
Music byDov Seltzer
CinematographyElemér Ragályi
Edited byAlain Jakubowicz
Dory Lubliner
Distributed byCannon Films
Release date
23 November 1988
Running time
148 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$ 20,000,000
Box office$139,796 (USA)[1]

Hanna's War is a 1988 film co-written and directed by Menahem Golan. The film is based on The Diaries of Hanna Senesh and the biographical novel A Great Wind Cometh by Yoel Palgi. It is a biopic detailing the true story of Hannah Szenes.


Hannah Senesh was a real-life Hungarian Jew who became a martyr to the cause of freedom during World War II. Though safely living in British Mandate Palestine at the start of the war, Hannah volunteers to venture behind enemy lines in Europe knowing that in all likelihood, she will die. She is captured, undergoing horrendous tortures before the Germans execute her.

Principal cast[edit]

Actor Role
Ellen Burstyn Katalin
Maruschka Detmers Hanna
Anthony Andrews McCormack
Donald Pleasence Captain Thomas Rosza
David Warner Captain Julian Simon
Vincent Riotta Yoel
Avi Korein Eliyahu Golomb
Ingrid Pitt Margit
John Stride Dr. Komoly
Shimon Finkel David Ben-Gurion

DVD and VHS availability[edit]

Although the film has not been released on DVD, the VHS version is available for sale at sites such as Amazon.com.[2]


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