Hanna–Barbera's World of Super Adventure

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Hanna–Barbera's World of Super Adventure
HB Superheroes.JPG
Country of origin United States
Executive producer(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Production company(s) Hanna-Barbera Productions
Original channel NBC (on its owned-and-operated stations)
First-run syndication
Original release 1980 – 1984

Hanna–Barbera's World of Super Adventure is an American animated anthology wheel series that had an original half-hour broadcast run on both NBC's owned-and-operated stations and in broadcast syndication from 1980 to 1984 on Saturday mornings, Sunday mornings and weekdays in all. Packaged together and backed by Hanna-Barbera Productions, it was a re-run "package" combination of several different Hanna-Barbera action-adventure cartoon series that originally ran from 1966 to 1970. These cartoons consisted of Birdman and the Galaxy Trio, Space Ghost and Dino Boy, Fantastic Four, Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor, Herculoids, Shazzan and Frankenstein, Jr. and The Impossibles.

In each of the four seasons it was aired, viewers could get a new show depending on their respective geographic location. Eventually, Hanna Barbera's World of Super Adventure went into syndication at that same time. Later in October 1992, the series was renamed to just "Super Adventures" and updated with a new intro and aired on Cartoon Network. It ran half-hour and two-hour shows on weekdays and weekends. Finally, in the Spring of 1998, Boomerang on the Cartoon Network, revamped the format again, which was now a one hour show, playing on Sundays 8:00-9:00 AM, but just featured the original episodes of Space Ghost and Dino Boy, Shazzan, Moby Dick and The Mighty Mightor, The Herculoids, and The Fantastic Four.

Space Stars was a new updated version of this packaged series that ran from 1981 to 1982 which showcased new episodes of Space Ghost and the Herculoids as well as the new shows Teen Force and Astro and the Space Mutts. It never reached the level of popularity as Super Adventures and was canceled after only one season.

Production Credits[edit]

  • Produced and Directed by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna
  • Associate Producers: Lewis A. Marshall and Art Scott
  • Story: Neal Barbera, Walter Black, Eddie Brandt, Phil Hahn, Bill Hamilton, Phil Hanrahn, William Lutz, Michael Maltese, Sloan Nibley, Joe Ruby, David Scott, Ken Spears
  • Story Direction: Art Davis, Alex Lovy, Lew Marshall, Bill Perez, Paul Sommer, Art Scott
  • Voices: Tim Matheson, Gary Owens, Ginny Tyler, Don Messick, Johnny Carson, Barney Phillips, Ted Cassidy, Paul Frees, Jerry Dexter, Paul Stewart, Norma MacMillan, Bobby Resnick, Bobby Diamond, Barry Balkin, Hal Smith, Jerry Dexter, John Stephenson, Virginia Elier, Keith Andes, Virginia Gregg, Mike Road, Patsy Garrett, Ted Eccles, Dick Beals, Gerald Mohr, Jack Flounders Jo Ann Pflug
  • Animation Director: Charles A. Nichols
  • Production Supervisor: Howard Hanson
  • Assistant Production Supervisor: Victor O. Schpiek
  • Character Design: Alex Toth
  • Background Styling: Walt Peregoy
  • Title Design: Bill Perez
  • Titles: Robert Schaffer
  • Layout: Alex Toth, Homer Jonas, Bob Singer, Walt Clinton, Mo Gollub, Tony Sgroi, Alex Ignatiev, Hi Mankin, Brad Case, Phil Lewis, Willie Ito, Iwao Takamoto, Lew Ott, Steve Nakagawa, Jerry Eisenberg, Bill Perez, Nick Gibson, Al Wilson, Jack Huber, Dick Bickenbach, Burt Freund, Lou Apner, Grace Stanzell, Mike Arens, Lance Nolley, Bruce Bushman, Alvaro Arce, Gary Hoffman
  • Background Artists: F. Montealegre, Rene Garcia, Richard Khim, Catlenn Beaver, Patricia Frye, Ron Dias, Art Lozzi, Janet Brown, Sheila Brown, Paul Julian, Fernando Arce, Don Watson, Sandra Lought, Ann Guenther, Bob Gentle, Tom Knowles, Gary Niblett, Phil Lewis, Rolando Oliva
  • Character Animators: Ed Aardal, Ray Abrams, Ed Barge, Bob Bemiller, O.E. Callahan, Ron Campbell, Emile Carle, Bob Carr, Rudy Cataldi, Hugh Fraser, George Germanetti, Dick Hall, Jerry Hathcock, Harry Holt, Bill Hutten, Sam Jaimes, Lou Kachivas, Bill Keil, Bill Kiel, George Kreisl, Hicks Lockey, Ed Love, Tony Love, Dick Lundy, Ken Muse, George Nicholas, Casey Onaitis, Joan Orbinson, Ed Parks, Jack Parr, Don Patterson, Bernard Posner, George Rowley, Dennis Sill, Larry Silverman, John Sparey, Irven Spence, Hank Smith, Ken Southworth, Lloyd Vaughan, Carlo Vinci, Mike Webster, Allen Wilzbach
  • Musical Director: Ted Nichols
  • Technical Supervision: Frank Paiker
  • Ink and Paint Supervision: Roberta Greutert
  • Xerography: Robert "Tiger" West
  • Sound Direction: Richard Olson, Bill Getty
  • Supervising Film Editor: Warner Leighton
  • Film Editing: Gerald A. Bailey, Earl Bennett, Larry Cowan, Donald Douglas, Dan Finnerty, Pat Foley, Hal Geer, Geoffrey Griffin, David Hornton, Milton Krear, Warner Leighton, Tony Milch, Gregory V. Watson, Jr.
  • Negative Consultant: William E. DeBoer
  • Post Production: Joed Eaton
  • Cameramen: John Aardal, Dick Blundell, Gene Borghi, George Epperson, Charles Flekal, Bill Kotler, Byron McRae, Gary Milton, Frank Paiker, Frank Parrish, John Pratt, Hal Shiffman, Cliff Shirpser, Roger Sims, Roy Wade, Clarence Wogatzke
  • C MCMLXVI-MCMLXVII Hanna Barbera Productions inc All Rights Reserved
  • RCA Sound Recording
  • Aproved MPAA Certificate No.