Hanna Lake

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Hanna Lake
ہنہ جھيل
Hanna Lake Quetta.jpg
LocationZarghoon Range,[1] Urak Valley Quetta, Pakistan.
Coordinates30°15′N 67°06′E / 30.250°N 67.100°E / 30.250; 67.100Coordinates: 30°15′N 67°06′E / 30.250°N 67.100°E / 30.250; 67.100
Basin countriesPakistan
Surface area27 acres (0.11 km2)[1]:2
Average depth49 feet (15 m)[2]
Pakistan Flag in Hanna Lake.

Hanna Lake (Urdu: ہنہ جھيل‎) is a lake in Urak Valley near Quetta city in Balochistan Province in southwestern Pakistan. It is surrounded by mountains.[3]


Hanna Lake is in the hills close to where the Urak Valley begins 17 kilometres (11 mi) east from Quetta city.[2] The reservoir was constructed in 1894 during the British Colonial era on the land of local tribesmen, and is one of the main attractions in the city and a great historical bridge wall between two mountains the depths like battlements of a fort for storing of water.


There is a lakeside restaurant with picnic tables shaded by pine trees at the end of the river where families can enjoy the food and weather on the eastern part the Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy (HDWSA) the first and only rowing, canoeing, kayaking and sailing training and championships organising centre in Balochistan Province with provision of rough swimming facility. Hanna Lake is one of the most visited and accessible lakes in Balochistan.[4]


In 1894[citation needed], the small action dam Surrpull (Red Bridge) was constructed on main Urak road to control flood and divert water catastrophically into Hanna Lake coming from the Zarghoon Ghar and Murddar Mountains Koh-i-Murdaar streams, snow melting and rains through its main canal.

Over a century old in 1908, this lake was spread over an area of 818 acres with a holding capacity of over 220 million gallons of water and a depth of 49 feet (15 m).[2] In 1970, a heavy flood destroyed the Murdar Mountains recharge linked canal on the way to Surrpull near Spin Kaarrez road which has not been (Restored) reconstructed till date.

Presently on May 2016 the heavy flood filled this small action dam Surrpull with mud and stones resultantly all the streams and floods water are going waste and there is no chance to regulate water conservancy to Hanna lake without the restoration, desilting of surrpull and both main channels on the other hand the water level in Hanna Lake is going deadly low the natural ecosystem wild life, environment of the surrounding, natives along with hundreds of migrated birds and thousands of fish, and the future of the athletes of rowing and canoeing are in danger as very soon the Hanna Lake will be fully dried like in 1999 to January 2005 and in 2010.

The environmental scientists, Speleologists and the Conservationist are looking the future of the lake in most dangerous condition and the current harmful environment situations will badly affect the natural eco system, environment, underground water level of the surroundings, trees, wild life, hundreds of migrated birds and thousands of fish in Hanna Lake and valleys.

Establishment of (HDWSA)[edit]

Ali Khilji and Abubakar Durrani Kayaking in front of Hanna Lake Bridge Wall constructed by Great Britain in 1894
Pakistan National K1 Champion Mohammad Abubakar Durrani with Kayak paddlers heroes of Pakistan in snow kayak training 2012 (Hanna Lake)

On 22 July 1986, Mr.Haji Khair Muhammad Khan Kakar Son of Sarfaraz Khan Kakar gifted 2 Acre of land on the North West edge of Hanna Lake to Hayatullah Khan Durrani known for caving and Mountaineering Adventure sports in Balochistan. Hayatullah Khan Durrani established Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy (HDWSA) on the eve of 14 August 1986 Pakistan Independence-Day the Balochistan's first and only Rowing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, rough swimming and boating academy where all such facilities regarding Rowing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, rough swimming training, events equipment’s and boating provides voluntary free of cost to the youth members at Hanna Lake.[5]

1990 Hanna Lake boat disaster[edit]

On 6 July 1990, 40 people were killed and 8 injured when an overcrowded boat capsized in Hanna Lake. Most of the victims were on holiday. Another boat was used to rescue the victims.[6]

Present day[edit]

This channel nowadays needs repairs and is wasting water and recently the Hanna Lake has been fully dried since August 2016 causing killing of thousands of fish and the future of the canoe Kayak and rowing National and International level is turning in to dark now. There is also a water channel which was constructed at the same time by the British to convert the snow and rain water near Spin Kaarez,[7] coming from Murdar Mount, as surplus for filling the water in this lake. The channel was destroyed by a heavy flood in 1976 and has still not been re-constructed. The loss of the snow and rain water was wasted causing Hanna Lake to fully dry up between 1999 and January 2005. The government of Balochistan did nothing for the restoration of Hanna lake and the Hanna Lake Development Authority (HLDA), the custodians of Hanna Lake had full eforts for the restoration of this lake to measure the arrival of water through the surplus channel and since there is no rain or snowfall since about one year in Quetta and lake surroundings including the Zarghoon Mountains and therefore the lake has become fully dried again like a ground.

Dry lake[edit]

From years 2000–2010 Hanna Lake dried up and the natives along with hundreds of migrated birds were in trouble.[8]

Full lake[edit]

However, in 2011 the lake re-filled and once again gave rise to flora and fauna in its environment. The turquoise waters of the lake provide a rich contrast to the sandy brown of the hills in the background. One can promenade on the terraces or hire a boat and paddle on the lake and round the island in the middle.[citation needed]

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