Hannah Bronfman

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Hannah Bronfman
Born (1987-10-26) October 26, 1987 (age 32)
Alma materBard College
Brendan Fallis (m. 2017)
Parent(s)Edgar Bronfman Jr.
Sherry Brewer
RelativesJohn Langeloth Loeb Sr. (great-grandfather)
Samuel Bronfman (great-grandfather)
Edgar Bronfman, Sr. (grandfather)
Benjamin Bronfman (brother)

Hannah Bronfman (born October 26, 1987[1]) is an American entrepreneur from Manhattan.[2][3][4][5] She was a co-founder of Beautified, a defunct[6] mobile app for finding last-minute beauty services.[7] Bronfman was ousted from the company in 2014.[8]

Bronfman is also an investor in multiple restaurants, including Hotel Griffou and Acme.[9] Hotel Griffou is now closed.[10]

Early life and education[edit]

Bronfman was born in New York City, to a Jewish father, former Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr., and an African-American mother, actress Sherry Brewer.[7][11][12][13] Her brother is entrepreneur and musician Benjamin Bronfman. Her husband is New York City DJ and Theophilus London manager Brendan Fallis.[14][15] She is a member of the Lehman family via her paternal grandmother, Ann Loeb Bronfman.[16]

She graduated from Bard College in December 2010 with a degree in sculpture.[2]


In 2012, Bronfman co-founded Beautified, a mobile app that allows users to secure last-minute beauty services such as salon, spa, and gym bookings.[17][18] The app originally covered only New York City, but it expanded to Los Angeles and San Francisco in August 2014.[19] Beautified's expansion coincided with an announcement that it had raised $1.2 million in seed funding.

She was featured in the fashion documentary This is My Reality in 2013.[20][21]

She was a featured model at DKNY's Fall 2014 Fashion Show and walked the runway.[22] It was her first appearance on a runway.[22]

In 2015, Bronfman became a Clinique ambassador for their 3-Step System as well as a part of their #FaceForward Campaign, an initiative to capture the attention of millennials.[23]


Personal life[edit]

On August 17, 2015, Bronfman got engaged to her long time boyfriend, Brendan Fallis.[24] On May 20, 2017, the couple married in Marrakesh, Morocco.[25] Bronfman worked with stylist Nausheen Shah on her wedding looks.[26]


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