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Korean transcription(s)
 • Hangul 한남동
 • Hanja
 • Revised Romanization Hannam-dong
 • McCune–Reischauer Hannam-tong
Country South Korea
 • Total 2.98 km2 (1.15 sq mi)
Population (2013)[1]
 • Total 22,934
 • Density 7,700/km2 (20,000/sq mi)

Hannam-dong is a dong, neighbourhood of Yongsan-gu in Seoul, South Korea.

Initially not included within the Yongsan ward, during Korea under Japanese rule's period it was a small hamlet called Han River Village (한강리/漢江里) within the Hanji township (한지면/漢芝面), Goyang County (고양군/高陽郡) and lying close to the Han River.

Being right across the river from the Gangnam area of Seoul and its close proximity to locations in northern Seoul places it literally in the heart of Seoul itself. Many celebrities and executives live in three well known residential areas in the neighborhood: UN Village, The Hill, and Richensia Apartments. The surrounding area, while well known, has always been free of the crowding common in other parts of Seoul. Beginning in the 2010s, the area has grown into a trendy hotspot both day and night with boutique cafes, restaurants and bars proliferating the area. [2][3]

The area also has a large concentration of foreign residents, mainly business executives and diplomats.[4]



Primary schools

  • Seoul Hannam Elementary School[6]

International schools:

Dulwich College Seoul, a British school, is about 15 minutes away by car.[8]

Previously the French School of Seoul was in Hannam-dong. In 1985 it moved to Seorae Village in Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu.[9]


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