Hanno, son of Hannibal

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Hanno (Punic: 𐤇‬𐤍‬𐤀‬‬, ḤNʾ),[1] distinguished as the son of Hannibal, was a Carthaginian general during the First Punic War (264 to 241 BC).[2]


Before the Battle of Agrigentum, Hannibal Gisco was in the city of Agrigentum, besieged by the Romans, and Hanno was sent to provide relief. Hanno concentrated his troops at Heraclea Minoa and captured the Roman supply base at Herbesos.[3] He told his Numidian cavalry to attack the Roman cavalry and then feign retreat. The Romans pursued the Numidians as they retreated and were brought to the main Carthaginian column where they suffered many losses.[4] The siege lasted several months before the Romans defeated the Carthaginians and forced Hanno to retreat.

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