Hanno (crater)

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Hanno crater 4044 h3.jpg
Coordinates 56°18′S 71°12′E / 56.3°S 71.2°E / -56.3; 71.2Coordinates: 56°18′S 71°12′E / 56.3°S 71.2°E / -56.3; 71.2
Diameter 56 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 290° at sunrise
Eponym Hanno the Navigator
Oblique view also from Lunar Orbiter 4

Hanno is a lunar crater that lies near the southeastern limb of the Moon, along the western edge of the Mare Australe. About a crater diameter to the southwest is the prominent crater Pontécoulant.

This is a heavily worn crater formation with an outer rim that has been battered and pock-marked by small impacts. A small crater attached to the north-northeastern rim forms a depression in the side. The inner walls are nearly featureless except for a few small craterlets, and the interior floor is likewise level and battered by tiny craters.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Hanno.

Hanno Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 53.4° S 63.2° E 38 km
B 52.6° S 68.6° E 36 km
C 55.9° S 68.9° E 22 km
D 59.1° S 78.3° E 18 km
E 59.3° S 73.0° E 18 km
F 52.3° S 68.2° E 9 km
G 58.0° S 70.6° E 16 km
H 57.6° S 74.4° E 57 km
K 53.5° S 76.9° E 25 km
W 54.6° S 60.1° E 10 km
X 55.3° S 67.7° E 13 km
Y 55.3° S 66.0° E 8 km
Z 55.1° S 65.1° E 10 km


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