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Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted
Hanoiamsterdam logo.jpg
Hoang Minh Giam Str., Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Cau Giay
Coordinates 21°00′24″N 105°47′53″E / 21.0068°N 105.7981°E / 21.0068; 105.7981Coordinates: 21°00′24″N 105°47′53″E / 21.0068°N 105.7981°E / 21.0068; 105.7981
Type Public
Motto Nơi khởi đầu của những ước mơ (Where dreams begin)
Established 1985
Principal Le Thi Oanh (Lê Thị Oanh)
Faculty 190
Grades 6-12
Number of students approx. 2,500

Hanoi – Amsterdam High School is one of the four regional magnet schools in Hanoi, Vietnam. The school is considered to be one of the best and most selective high schools in Vietnam (with acceptance rate lower than 10%), and is internationally recognized for its strong academic programs and having nurtured an extraordinary number of accomplished Vietnamese individuals. The school has many students who have won awards nationally and internationally, including top prizes from global competitions such as the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO), the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) and the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO).[citation needed]The school is a member of Strategic Educational Alliance of Southeast Asia.


In 1972, as the Vietnam War was in one of its most brutal periods, Hanoi was under heavy bombardment by the US Air Force. Dr. I. Samkalden, the mayor of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, started a campaign to mobilize his people to donate for the establishment of a high school in Hanoi to express their support to the citizens of Hanoi. The result of this campaign was the founding of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School. September 5, 1985, marked the official commencement of the first school year at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School.

In its first year, the school accepted gifted students specializing in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Literature from other schools in Hanoi.

For its achievements, the school received the 3rd degree Labor Decoration (1995), the 2nd degree Labor Decoration (2000), the 1st degree Labor Decoration (2005), and the title of Hero of Labor (2000) from the Vietnamese government.[1]

The school's location changed in association with Hanoi's Millennial Celebration (October 10, 2010)

Education Model[edit]

The school has two levels:

Middle School Level[edit]

There are 20 Preparatory classes for students of grades 6 to 9. Each year, the school selects gifted students from elementary schools based on competitive examinations. These students enjoy the same education standards and are taught by the same staff as their peers at the high school level.

High School Level[edit]

Students are specialized in one of the 12 following subject areas: Literature, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Russian, English, French, Chinese, Geography and History. 9th grade students must pass a competitive, rigid entrance examination organized by Hanoi's Education and Training Office. The acceptance rate is often as low as 3% for the more selective classes such as English, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics/Computer Science.

Students are expected to present from good to excellent study results in all subjects in order to remain at the school, and are encouraged to explore their specialized subjects to take part in national and international competitions. After three years, most students enter their favorite universities, many of which are abroad.


In the school year 2004−05
Graduation exam:

  • Specialized classes: 100% graduated
  • Extension classes: 98% graduated
  • National collegiate entrance examination: 98% passed

School Facilities[edit]

Academic Facilities[edit]

The main quad
  • Three Physics labs are equipped with wave and electric field generators, lasers, etc.
  • Two chemistry labs provide lab equipment and chemical substances for class-room experiments.
  • There are four computer labs with 70 computers.
  • The school has one biology lab with models, projectors, computer, etc. for projects and experiments.
  • Language room and media room have a capacity to hold 80 students.[2]

Athletic Facilities[edit]

Basketball and soccer are the most common sports at the school. The school has one mini-soccer field, one tennis court and an indoor gym with badminton, volleyball courts, basketball court and a swimming pool.

Student Life[edit]

Ngày Hội Anh Tài (NHAT) or Talent Festival[edit]

This is the biggest annual event of the school. Ngày Hội Anh Tài consists of two parallel competitions: one to find out the Most Wanted Class among its 12 Specialized units, and another to find out the Ams' Ambassadors. Classes of the same subject form a unit, and each strives to get highest points in pre-events, including Sports Day, Crowd Dance and other events ranging from year to year, in order to be awarded as the Most Wanted Class at the Final Night. Students who are nominated for and elected Ams' Ambassadors should present top-quality profile, consummate talent as well as critical thinking. The organizing committee is chosen from the most creative students. Each NHAT often takes half a year, beginning in March and ending in September.


The school provides a considerable room for sports activities in their new campus. Some of the most popular sports include soccer, basketball, badminton, ping pong, baseball, and tennis. Soccer, basketball, chess and ping pong tournaments are held annually. The soccer and basketball teams take part in the city and the national tournaments.

Clubs and Organizations[edit]

Clubs in Hanoi-Amsterdam High School is considered to be one of the most highly recognized in the region. Clubs and organizations for students include Glee Ams; Hanoi Amsterdam Phoenix (HAP), Badminton Ams' Club (BAC), Ams Advisor (AA), Ams Photography Club (APC), Debate Club (DC), Puzzles Ams, Green Hanoi-Amsterdam (GHA), Hanoi-Ams Dancesport Club (HDC), Lamode, Physics & Youth Hanoi-Amsterdam (PYHA), Society Of Open Science (SOS), Hanoi-Amsterdam Art Team (HAT), Cheer Ams, etc., the total of which amounts to nearly 40.

Alumni and Hanoi - Amsterdam Organization[edit]

In 2000, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the school’s establishment, a group of Hanoi-Amsterdam alumni met and founded Hanoi - Amsterdam Organization (H-A-O), with the aim of establishing a networking site for students and alumni.

Logo of the Hanoi-Amsterdam Organization

Owing to contributions of its members, H-A-O developed into an association of Hanoi-Amsterdam HS' current students, alumni, as well as students from other schools. On November 23, 2004, Hanoi - Amsterdam Organization was registered as non-profit corporation under the Educational Services category. It has more than 19,000 members (as of October 2007) and more than 1,800,000 posts on its discussion boards.

H-A-O goals are:

  • Serve as a bridge to form connections between students and alumni.
  • Develop relationships between the school’s students and friends from all around the world.
  • Form relations and partnerships with other students' associations and organizations as well as other educational institutions.
  • Promote educational, social, as well as cultural activities, organize conferences, competitions, etc.[3]

Website: www.hn-ams.org


College Admissions[edit]

98% of Hanoi - Amsterdam students are admitted to the top universities in Vietnam or abroad. Every year, approximately 30-35% of a graduating class decide to enroll in foreign institutions for their higher education studies. Among the popular choices are America's top-tier universities and colleges such as Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Amherst College, Williams College, Vassar College, Reed College, Bowdoin College; and prestigious institutions in Europe and other countries such as The University of Oxford, The University of Cambridge. London School of Economics, Sciences Po Paris, National University of Singapore, McGill University, etc.[4]

International Awards[edit]


School Year 2000−2001[edit]

1. Nguyen Hoang Dung - Honorable Prize
1. Bui Le Na - Bronze Medal
1. Tran Thanh Hoai - Silver Medal
2. Hoang Duc Viet Dung - Silver Medal
  • Russian Olympics
1. Pham Minh Le - Gold Medal
2. Ly Thuy Trang - Gold Medal
3. Tran Van Linh - Gold Medal
1. Bui Le Na - Gold Medal
  • National Merit Competition: 52 prizes, including 1 First Prizes
  • City Merit Competition: 323 prizes, including 26 First Prizes
  • District Merit Competition: 49 prizes, including 4 First Prizes

School Year 2001−2002[edit]

1. Tran Minh Son - Bronze Medal
  • National Merit Competition: 51 prizes, including 2 First Prizes
  • City Merit Competition: 371 prizes, including 27 First Prizes
  • District Merit Competition: 84 prizes, including 7 First Prizes

School Year 2002−2003[edit]

1. Nguyen Binh Minh - Bronze Medal
  • National Merit Competition: 42 prizes, including 1 First Prizes
  • City Merit Competition: 429 prizes, including 26 First Prizes
  • District Merit Competition: 91 prizes, including 13 First Prizes

School Year 2004−2005[edit]

1. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan - Silver Medal
2. Luu Thanh Thuy - Bronze Medal
1. Pham Hai Minh - Bronze Medal
1. Tran Duc Anh - Gold Medal
2. Huynh Trung Anh - Gold Medal
3. Ha Phuong - Silver Medal
4. Pham Hoang Le - Bronze Medal
  • National Merit Competition: 59 prizes, including 4 First Prizes
  • City Merit Competition: 556 prizes, including 34 First Prizes

School Year 2005−2006[edit]

1. Luu Thanh Thuy - Bronze Medal
2. Pham Duy - Bronze Medal
1. Nguyen Tran Nam Khanh - Bronze Medal
1. Dang Son Tung - Bronze Medal
  • National Merit Competition: 60 prizes, including 3 First Prizes

School Year 2006−2007[edit]

1. Nguyen Hong Phuong - Silver Medal
1. Mai Thanh Tung - Silver Medal
1. Mai Thanh Tung - Honorable mention

School Year 2007-2008[edit]

  • 40th International Chemistry Olympiad in Budapest, Hungary - Bui Tuan Linh - Gold Medal
  • 19th International Biology Olympiad in Mumbai, India - Ha Kim Long - Bronze Medal
  • 39th International Physics Olympiad in Hanoi, Vietnam - Nguyen Duc Minh - Gold Medal

School Year 2008-2009[edit]

  • 20th International Biology Olympiad in Tsukuba, Japan - Le Thuy Duong - Bronze Medal
  • 21st International Olympiad in Informatics in Plovdiv, Bulgaria - Nguyen Thanh An - Bronze Medal

School Year 2009-2010[edit]

  • 41st International Physics Olympiad in Zagreb, Croatia - Phan Van Trung - Silver Medal
  • 21st International Biology Olympiad in Changwon, South Korea - Bui Thuy Anh - Silver Medal

School Year 2010-2011[edit]

  • 52nd International Mathematical Olympiad in Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Do Kim Tuan - Bronze Medal
  • 43rd International Chemistry Olympiad in Ankara, Turkey - Pham Minh Duc - Bronze Medal

School Year 2011-2012[edit]

  • 53rd International Mathematical Olympiad in Mar del Plata, Argentina - Nguyen Hung Tam - Silver Medal
  • 44th International Chemistry Olympiad in Washington D.C, USA - Nguyen Viet Hoang - Silver Medal

School Year 2012-2013[edit]

  • 14th Asian Physics Olympiad in Bogor, Indonesia
1. Bui Quang Tu - Gold Medal
2. Tran Minh Vu - Silver Medal
  • 43rd International Physics Olympiad in Copenhagen, Denmark - Bui Quang Tu - Gold Medal
  • 24th International Biology Olympiad in Bern, Switzerland - Nguyen Nhat Anh - Bronze Medal

School Year 2013-2014[edit]

  • 44th International Physics Olympiad in Astana, Kazakhstan - Vu Thanh Trung Nam - Gold Medal
  • 46th International Chemistry Olympiad in Hanoi, Vietnam
1. Pham Mai Phuong - Gold Medal
2. Pham Ngan Giang - Gold Medal
  • 11th International Junior Science Olympiad in Mendoza, Argentina - Le Manh Tuan - Gold Medal
  • 8th Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad in Almaty, Kazakhstan - Tran Trong Dat - Silver Medal
  • Russian Olympics - Nghiem Ba Tri - Gold Medal

School year 2014-2015[edit]

  • 16th Asian Physics Olympiad in Hangzhou, China - Vu Thanh Trung Nam - Gold Medal
  • 45th International Physics Olympiad in Mumbai, India - Vu Thanh Trung Nam - Gold Medal
  • 47th International Chemistry Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan
1. Dinh Tuan Hoang - Gold Medal
2. Pham Thai Ha - Silver Medal

School year 2015-2016[edit]

  • 57th International Mathematics Olympiad in Hong Kong - Dao Vu Quang - Silver Medal
  • 46th International Physics Olympiad in Zurich, Switzerland & Lichtenstein - Pham Quang Minh - Silver Medal
  • 27th International Biology Olympiad in Hanoi, Vietnam - Le Thi Hong Hoa - Silver Medal
  • 12th International Junior Science Olympiad in Daegu, South Korea
1. Do Le Duy - Silver Medal
2. Do Hoang Duy - Silver Medal
3. Do Thanh Trung - Bronze Medal
4. Nguyen Quoc Cuong - Bronze Medal
5. Nguyen Kim Chung - Bronze Medal


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